just for kicks

Just got this old bike and plan on slapping a motor on it with hopes of being able to leisurely go about 20mph consistantly.
It's just an old (not sure of year yet) columbia twosome 5 speed.

It is a bit rough right now and it has a large rear drum brake that may end up being in the way unless I can bolt the sprocket right to the drum.

So far I'm thinking of just putting the motor on a rack out back to simplify the install.
There are other issues with it like the front hub appears to be splitting at the bearing races or it may just be the chrome chipping off, I'll need to look very closely at that.
It could use some comfy seats as well as handlebars and brake work.
A paint job is headed it's way also.

It does have some thick spokes, how would I go about measuring them to see what they are?

My goal is to have something the wife and I can just motor around on comfortably so tires and seats as well as the seat posts will all have to be as comfortable as I can find.

I might call it the "family truckster" :D