tying to add a front fairing for my bike

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    You see the main problem I have is that I live in a temperate Rain forest and its not super cold but it is damp. Now I have a an old Zipper fairing that I had made for a recumbent once and it is light and I hope will keep the rain out of my face and chest ect. I don't have any hardware for mounting it But It looks like I can get some stuff together so that my winter rides won't be unpleasant.

    I am going to start by finding something that will go on the ends of my bars and maybe the braze on some mounts to the front fork.

    I am thinking about rubber mounting all of the hardware that touches the faring so that it won't rip apart.

    If it looks cool I'll shot some pictures and give you guys a look.


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    Go to some of those scooter minipocket bike sites. Probably have all kinds of crazy fairings you can probably adapt.
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    Somehow I am doubting that this fairing would help with aero drag very much.

    The one they show mounted on the RANS Zenetic on the front page would be a much more likely improvement.

    Also as I am told, the fairings are not meant to block your head directly, as water and dirt do build up on them. What you do (on recumbents) is put the bottom edge of the fairing at chin-level, and it throws up a stream of air that pushes a lot of wind & bugs up and over your head.

    The clear plastic does mean you don't absolutely need to relocate headlights, but some people end up relocating their headlights anyway (so the headlights don't shine through the fairing). You get a lot of reflection and glare from the headlight bouncing off the fairing back at you. Headlights work much better if they're unobstructed.

    The Easy Racer fairings are carbon fiber because its lighter-weight than lexan, and you don't really need to see through the fairing anyway.
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    zipps OK for me

    I have used a zipper in the past for one of my road bikes and it made life a lot easier for me in the rain. I did not really care how much they helped the wind resistance but they kept the elements off my hands and my upper body. It makes a big difference especially when it gets cold. There is nothing like the feeling you get in January when the rain seems to go right through your Gore-Tex and cut you right to the bone.

    I think with the way I want to set this Zipper up I will still need my winter gloves but I am hoping I will be on the road later next week.

    One of the problems I used to get was that the mounting hardwares pins would eventually rip out and cause the faring to have cracks or tears after a wile. I am hoping to set up this new mount so that will not happen this time.

    Something else I will need to do is to extend my front fender so I wont get goad gunk splashed on my zipper. I have used them before with a headlight and I kind of like the way the whole faring lights up when you turn the system on. I might make some blinders for the top of my lights to cut down on the glare but that is another project.

  8. you can use bmx / motocross hand guards if your fering isnt wide enough. probrobly going to do that myself