Ugly tail light bracket

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Aug 5, 2008
The tail light bracket on my 07 NE5 is open in the back with a bunch of wires hanging out. I dont have turn signals and dont need a license plate. I would think Whizzer could offer something that looks a little more finnished. Anyone have any solutions?
Taillight Bracket cover plate

Hi well, I and the other dealers have the new metal covers that clean up the rear ends of the bikes.

Howdy, Mike,
I was fixin' to home-brew a tail-light cover for my '07. But if you have 'em... Tell us more!

Color? Material? Price?

They are nice, they can be painted [or not], easy to install, & hides all the wires.
It is nice fitting item, "buy one you will like it". Wonder why we [dealers] didn't mention this before? I hope Mike has a bunch in stock, because once everyone sees it they won't stay in stock long. Mike can you post a picture of the item? The cover came as standard equipment on my [early] 2008 Ambassador.

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Please order the cover kit from your local dealer, as I am completely sold out. I think MotorbikeMike [Mike] and Bill Green should have them in stock.

Whizzer OuterBanks LTD
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