Chain Tensioner uhgg!!! help please (chain tensioner)


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Jul 16, 2008
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After finally getting my bike running and taking a small ride maybe 5 miles or so the chain decides to fall off the sprocket. I notice in my haste to ride my bike I failed to check the great stock tensioner. Anyway I get it home and was able to put chain back on, tighten tensioner and now it won't stay on. Ive searched for info and cannot find any. I know I'm a "newbie" and am probably doing something stupid. Please someone, anyone help.
hi, some of the guys position the tensioner then drill a small hole through it and into the frame and insert a small metal screw. the tensioner is junk. a good one is sold at tractor supply co., one is for sale on site and search chain tensioner. then tighten all hardware and throw away the crowned nuts on the head.
If your bike has horizontal dropouts on the rear fork I'd ditch the tensioner and just pull the back wheel out to tension the chain.

BTW this is a drivetrain thread so I'm moving the thread to frame mount drivetrain.

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i agree with BSA... have been riding without my tensioner and have had no problems... I ride my bike 20+ miles a day and its going strong


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1. is the tensioner sliding on the frame or is the bolt turnung on the tensioner braket.

2 what kind of dropouts do you have

anser #1 if it is sliding on the frame, take an old inner tube wrap a peice around the frame and bolt the tensioner braket over it, if the bolt is spinning on the braket, make sure the E clip is still there if not try replacing it if it is there I would go with a idler with a bearing.

anser #2 horisantal dropouts do away with the tensioner, motor cwcles have been doing it that way for years, vertical or angled dropouts ur scewed.

btw Im still trying to get my spring loaded tenrioner to work on"OVER KILL" so dont feel alone:)
are your sprocket in line with eachother? if your drive gear and weel sprocket are not lined up you got troubles
I slept on this all night or should I say didn't sleep on this all night. Went outside as daylight broke 5:30am or so and looked at freshly. My tensioner just wasnt lined up right. It was tilted in somewhat. Anyway fixed for now and I know my neighbors appreciated my 5:45 am test run down the street, I know I enjoyed it. As far as the sprockets not being lined up, I don't know but hope so. There seems to be some mixed reviews to the reliabilty to these stock tensioners mine seems to be the same as what Dax sells. Im to new to make a fair judgement. What are your thoughts.