Unrealistic Expectations of HT kits

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by dougsr.874, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. dougsr.874

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    In reading some of the posts on here I am sometimes amazed. It seems some buy a kit for less that $200., do a poor job of installing same and immediately think that they have created a $20,000. motorcycle.....It is what it is, a cheap throwaway motor on a cheap bike.....How the Chinese can build the kits, ship them halfway around the world, the distrubitor can sell and ship across the U.S. and we still pay less that $200. That's quite a feat.

  2. HseLoMein

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    ill drink to that! a lot of people have very unrealistic expecataion of these. I had to convice a mechanically challeneged friend that buying a scooter was more economical in the long run than rebuying bikes and engines.
  3. BchCruizer

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    They can do that because there just cheap low quality engines. Knowing how china is there probally made in sweap shops like everything else. There good if you like to tinker..But if you cant tinker than you might wanna get a higher quality kit..like a friction drive with a better built engine. You get what you pay for! paid $249 for my friction drive and have 6,000miles on it and havent done anything beside's change a drive wheel and clean the carb a couple times..besides that its been great havent had to pedal home one time. I have about an hour of my time into the kit and that includes installing it..Its definitaly not a kit for someone who likes to tinker..only riders! I say of your gonna go with a chain drive get something designed for it..Its called a harley!
  4. wheelbender6

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    These HT motors are not Toyotas. They can be cheap transportation and fun for those who are willing to tinker a bit.
  5. Happy Valley

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    One could reflect on the fact that even the Chinese don't use these kits, they have been all but banned in China and to be fair it's mostly because of emissions.
  6. ddesens

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    I use them as cheap fun. I'm a gear head and only live 3 miles from work. So cheap transportation on occasion also.
  7. Josh Moon

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    i like them because they are cheap, easy to work on, easy to tinker with, you can easily play with them to get some more power, and if your are not mechanically inclined, they are a great way to learn about how a engine works.
  8. BchCruizer

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    That bad if china doesn't even use them! But like you said is because of the emissions..what rpms do they run at?
  9. professor

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    My co workers went to china for a work project. Bejing was so smogged up that people were wearing respirators out on the street. They couldn't wait to leave.
    THAT is the reason these engines are banned there.
    Remember when the olympics were over there? The factories had to shut down to clean up the air.
  10. Fabian

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    Didn't you say that you have to clean your exhaust port due to it's variable exhaust port geometry; blocking itself 70% with carbon deposits :whistling:
  11. BchCruizer

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    Ya fabian I sure Did..After about 3 or 4 thousand miles..It didn't stop running it just slowed down and i noticed it..We aren't gonna start this again are we. I cant let nothing get by you..sly dog you..
  12. Fabian

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