Engine Trouble Very Noobish Question About Ideling

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by tenang, May 17, 2012.

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    Sorry I don't know the first thing about what I'm doing here, so I figured I'd ask first. What are the pros and cons of a faster idle and a slower idle?



    That is kind of strange question..... :rolleyes7:
    I like mine as low as I can get it and still be relieable and not stall.
    Any pro's? Less noise I guess...
    I don't see any pro's for a high idle. Con's would be noise and a fast spinning two stroke with no load on it is never a good thing.
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    Sorry never really messed or learned about engines or mechanics.... I'm more of a computer tech than anything. So it's kind of a new area for me to be dabbling in. I just know I don't want to break it, So I better **** well do my best to research and learn all I can about it. For instance I just found out I shouldn't ever put "no air" (foam tires) on my ride cuz when i brake the tire will stop spinning but not necessarily the inner tube which could be a bit dangerous. Ideling from what I found about 2 stroke motocross bikes, high ideles gum up your plugs, and you need to rev sometimes otherwise your engine wont get the oil it needs, plus it sounds nicer. low idle from what I see doesnt wear your engine down so fast sounds like a clunker and encourages you to either kill the engine or pull the throttle more... Does that sound about right for 2 stroke motorized bicycles as well?
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    mountains from molehills.

    a completely irrelevant area to be thinking about.

    a 2 stroke always gets oil, as long as you remembered to mix it or fill the oiltank.. plugs only gum up when the heat range is wrong.

    as for wear...huh? it idles at 1000rpm. its top speed is 6000rpm or so. meaning if you are worried about it wearing out you might as well not bother starting it at all, or dont use the throttle or dont release the clutch or something...
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    as I said I don't know much about this topic which is why I'm trying to crash course it. Thanks alot for the input, it's appreciated.
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