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    I have developed a kit for the happy times bike engines. it consists of sorbothane squares and replacement frame mounting studs. I promise you that sorbothane is the most advanced vibration damping material out there. any homebuilt jig will not work as well as this. I have this kit on my HT bike and the vibration is almost gone at wide open throttle. it is truly amazing. I want to sell these kits for 40 dollars but I would like to extend a deal to this forum for testing. i am asking
    15 dollars shipped USA 20 dollars overseas, and a review by you on this forum.

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  2. Not quite getting it


    I used rubber to insulate my motor, and was barely able to add one a 1/8" thick piece between the frame and the clamps. Yours looks much thicker. How did you mount this to your frame? Did you have to use custom clamps? - or??

    Pic's of it installed on your bike would be a much more lucrative selling idea.


    Troy Fitz.

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    I agree 100% Troy, the photos he has supplied really don't give a person much of a idea of what he has. Send some pics with it installed. If it would reduce the vibrations by 50% I'd buy the kit.
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    Holy fuzzy picture.

    I'm assuming the twigs in the pic are studs.....where do the squares go?
  5. Bikeuser

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    The studs are longer to accommodate the sorbothane pads. please see picture.

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    It's not the stud length...the diameter of a lot of bike tubing does not allow for any extra rubber. On my old Schwinns, I use a wrap (or two) of old innertube when I can...tends to last as long as the chinese engine.(heh)...... & 6mm studs are cheap, at the parts store.
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    Mine was a more of a one of thing. I know what every one means when you say it's hard to fit rubber in-between the old mounts. I made some new mounts that fit my frame but may not fit someone else's. The front mount I had to grind out the motor casing and drill and tap new 8mm holes through the frame. I did this because the frame didn't have much room and I needed the motor to sit as low as possible. The mounts are all stainless the rubber is 6mm very strong it's meant to be acid resistant.

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    thats a very nice setup.

    I imagine that a softer rubber might make things even better
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    I'll have to wait and see. I swapped every thing over to a different bike, whilst doing this I thought about making different mounts. All I have to do is put the chain , tank, and exhaust back on. You may have noticed that on the front mount the bolts are off set. This is so I can get the exhaust on. The exhaust fits well after some heat. I just haven't had time to put it all back together. Kids wife. I think I have to makeout that I,m working on Saturday and take it to a mates house. My wife works part time, and lately thats been on weekends, and when she works during the week it's in the afternoon till late. Man I have to win the lotto, But i suppose every one has the same problem Not just me. Haha