Vintage bicycle cl posting tunage mass.

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    Wow some of the stuff in there looks good. Unused fork springs and stuff. Its a playground. It would set you up with most of the things you need for a workshop. A bit pricey though, but maybe its worth all the vintage bikes, because some of those are collectors items and an be resold. Still, i wouldn't pay over $2500 for that but again i have not much idea of the value.

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    I was thinking "pricey" as well,but I don't have too much experiance with $value for bike parts.I plan to keep my eye on the post and maybe they will sell some parts & pieces like forks,rims,racks ect.if they don't have any luck selling the entire lot.They seem quite FIRM about selling entire lot.Kinda sux 'cause it's only about 4-5 miles from my house.Perhaps I could go meet them and try to get some junk from him/her.Today is wednesday post is still up..we'll see..