vintage motorcycle rear wheel stands

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  1. jbrewer

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    I know this is a weird request, but does anyone know where you could find one of those triangular rear-wheel kickstands that you can find on old vintage motorcycles (e.g., pre-1920 Indians, etc.)?

    Looking on the web at vintage motorcycle rallies, I'd see these vintage motorcycles with these triangular rear-wheel kickstands. The exhibitor would pedal in place, start up the motor, and then rock forward and have this rear kickstand flip back behind the wheel.

    Seems like it would be a cool retro accessory for a motorized bike.


  2. ocscully

    ocscully Member click on Whizzer Parts, then click on Whizzer Parts again the scroll down toward the bottom of the list to Item#229 W-Z Drop Stand.

  3. skjjoe

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    i got one ill sell ya for 20$ wont fit my jag
  4. jbrewer

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    Thanks oscully. Great suggestion. Skjjoe, I might get back to you about your offer, but I want to shop around first; see what's out there.