VOTE: Top 8 Bike Trips in the United States

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    There are detailed links in each frame of the slideshow, if you need more information.....

    Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming:
    The Grand Teton National Park is full of spectacular mountains that rise high above Wyoming. You can go through 44-miles in Teton Park and access Jenny Lake, Signal Mountain, etc. Or you can do the famed Black Canyon Creek trail which takes you through Route 22, Teton Pass and a steep ride towards Black Canyon Creek. For the brave amongst you, do the trip from Dubois and climb over the Togowotee Pass and descent into Teton. The ride is definitely worth all the pain.

    Highway 12 from Lolo Pass to Lowell, Idaho:
    Leaving Montana, the route follows U.S. Highway 12 southwest from Lolo Pass to Powell, Idaho. The ride is 80 miles of absolute brilliance through thick forests and the river Lochsa riding along you for company. This is a glimpse into pristine, untouched lands.

    Route 100, Vermont:
    This 165-mile route from Massachusetts to the Canadian border takes you through lush green forests, sleepy New England town and incredible climbs through the Green Mountain State.

    Peak-to-Peak Highway, Colorado:
    The Peak to Peak Highway runs for 55 miles outside of Boulder to Estes Park. You will get some of the most panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains as the road's average elevation is over 9,000 feet. Gawk at the snow-capped peaks of the Continental Divide and appreciate the solitude of the west.

    Visalia to Sequoia National Park, California:
    While California's coast is the most popular part of this state, hardcore cyclists go to central California. The ride starts in the tiny town of Visalia with plenty of orange groves, until you hit the climb up to Sequoia National Park. You climb from sea level to over 7,000 feet and while the incredible beauty is worth it, your body will feel the burn.

    San Juan Islands, Washington:
    This one is better suited for the beginners amongst you, but takes you through the same amount of beauty as the more intense rides. Sixty miles northwest of Seattle, the three main islands of Lopez, San Juan, and Orcas can be cycled in a day. All while you take in the splendor of the oceans and the views of the distant Cascades.

    Skyline Drive, Utah:

    This 100 mile rides along the Wasatch Plateau at almost 10,000 feet above sea level. You will witness some of the most breathtaking views of the surrounding basins and valleys as you ride through forested mountains, alpine meadows and numerous lakes, streams and camping areas.

    Deschutes River Trail, Oregon:
    If you're not up for hard core cycling, this 10.5-mile trail is for you. It stretches from Sunriver to Bend, Ore. along the upper part of the river as you ride through some breathtaking forests, meadows and waterfalls. And as a bonus you end up at a Western great frontier town. All while you're elevated 4,000 feet up.

    Oh well, none of them are close to me.....
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    How about riding from Augie's pad to wavygravy's house? Sorta cross some temporalozones......:jester:
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    I've been wanting to ride my motor bike on the Las Vegas strip and have it valet parked.
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    good one !!!