Walmart battery booster-and controller

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by Neufcruz, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Neufcruz

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    ok, I went with the Wallmart battery boosters and run 4 of these in series. Bike runs good or so I think(1st electric ride). Bike will run 30mph and cruise nice between 20-25. Gotten about 9-10 miles out if a full charge. My issue is that the controller get pretty hot. Not sure how warm they get but U.S. This normal?
    If a battery dies not put out enough amps, will test be bad for controller? Not too familiar with electronics. Just want to make sure that I won't damage anything if I stick this route.
    Any adduce us appreciated.

  2. Steve Best

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    Hi Mike, I am just beginning the Li battery journey. Have 3 of those Walmart boosters.
    Controllers do get hot when working hard but you should be able to keep your hand on it. Any hotter is too hot.

    From what I've read, don't run the Li batteries dead. Charge often to keep them living.
    Battery dieing should not hurt controller. That is its job to protect from overload.
    Some controllers have overvoltage protection on the input side, some don't.
    Be careful there, just how many batteries you run.

    This bike doesn't have a controller yet. Power on, power off! It really needs 36v.
    Are those the same boosters you are using?

  3. Neufcruz

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    Yes, same exact ones just 4 of them in series. Ok. Just wanted to make sure I'm not damaging controller etc... By using low amp batteries. I wish I could put done real good batts in this thing. Just want to Finnish this one and sell both motorbike and electric and then build bad boy electric.