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    new to the forum
    I thought this would be a great idea to share...... I was thiking of water cooling my engine by taking a copper pipe and wrapping it around the engine in between the cooling fins then taking a drill powered pump from HF and somehow conncting it to the engine then a resivor and small radiator.
    Whatcha think???

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    66cc two stroke....
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    Why don't you get rid of the biggest contributor to excess heat by junking the standard CDI which advances the ignition timing too much? Replace it with a true 2 stroke CDI.
    Since these small motors are not revving really high or outputting a lot of power there is no need for water cooling if the CDI is correct.
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    water buffalo ...not

    welcome to the forum...
    I ask ....why?
    what.s the point do you live somewhere that's over 100 deg. Fahrenheit
    I live in Florida 95f. all summer long...
    air cooling works,...
    the added weight will = the engine's..
    heads with other fin configurations are available.
    jaguar has a good point about engine timing.
    if your running a lean fuel mixture it will cause excessive heat...solution add fuel.
    anyway good luck and enjoy the forum.
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    Welcome to the group....
    I'm all for testing, innovation and new concepts. Do it, take lots of photos and report back.
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    I was just gonna do it to experiment around ect. ect. just something to do. well jaguar the link in your sig helps alot im going to try and do some of those things today!!
    I wonder if i could make that cdi myself.......
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