Wattage of 70cc motors?



Does anyone know the output (not current, the power output)of the 70cc chinese motors, or could they give an educated guess?

Horsepower x 746 =wattage i imagine 3 to 5 horsepower is what the 70 would make given the quality of the kits.
heres what daxs says on his website Max Output of .5 A 7.5V.
and the lite on my bike is 7.5 vlots and my bike runs just fine you just cant start it with light on so you will need a switch so you can turn it on once you get the bike started
Sorry about the delay in reply, Jaker, thats exactly what I was after. Thanks :D
I've never tapped off the aux power....too concerned that it lowers the strength of the spark...
The original poster means horsepower, not electrical wattage. Most of the world outside North America rates motors in kilowatts, not horsepower. As stated above, HPX746=watts. So, what's the horsepower of those little things?