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    Hey all, I am new to the forum and MB generally. I have built a HT kit with about 70 miles on it so far. Still working the gremlins out of it. I don't have a lot of small engine experience but am a quick learner - so I'm not sure what everything is called.

    Anyway, to the point: I got home from a 12 mile trip and found a round hole in the clutch cover plate. !!!??? So my question is what is that bolt in my hand? Why did it fall out, strip itself, and burn a hole through the plate? I have a 36t sprocket and suspect I am not peddling fast enough when I start it causing this, but I don't know. Thanks.
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    that bolt holds the drive gear on - it is supposed to have a look washer under it (which may have disintegrated)

    I suspect that the factory might have forgotten to put the woodruff key into the slot that locks that gear in place - pull the gear & check that the key is there. If the threads are gone inside the crank itself, it may be very hard to get new ones in there.
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    Thanks crassius for the reply. The key would be visible from looking at the gear face on correct? If so, it is in the slot. If it were missing I would notice it in the operation of the bike right? Like it would spin freely if the key were not there? Im thinking now that it could have just spun out somehow - maybe? Is locktite a good idea for this bolt? Luckily the threads are fine inside like they were never touched. Thanks.
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    putting it in solidly with an impact driver should work (you may need it off & back on from time to time to change seals)