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    I stored my bike for 4 months with nothing added to the fuel prior to storing. I did not do that on purpose, I just figured I would go for a rip on occasion but the weather did not allow it. So today i take my monster out of the cellar and just for kicks I pedaled around my parking lot with choke on and dropped the clutch and in about 100 feet she pulled away as strong as the day I put her away. I thought from all I read here about winter storage, this was not suppose to happen. Don't get me wrong I'm jacked up but at the same time time I don't want anything to give out either. My plans are to drain the old fuel and throw some fresh mix in and take her on an all day ride to welcome the spring. Yeah boyee Chris Hill 80'z Rule!!!

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    If you stored your bike in a cellar, it was in a somewhat controlled environment, which helped keep the fuel fresh.

    In a outdoor shed or garage, the daily temperature fluctuations cause the air in the fuel tank to expand and contract - causing the slow loss of the volatile components of the fuel. Over time, you end up with a varnish like substance that will clog carburetor passages and not burn.
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    That would explain it....Thank you wise one.
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    you are up and running again -- fresh fuel always a good thing -- I forget often

    ride that thing sideways