What's the safest way to remove paint from a 66cc motorized bike engine?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by aquielisunari, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. aquielisunari

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    I don't have an air compressor. I'll be stripping, prepping and doing more prepping before I paint everything but the engine has me worried. I am considering a wire wheel for the engine but would like suggestions from those who know. Getting between the fins seems like it might be a bit tricky. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. I will of course be using high temp primer and paint for the engine.

  2. Hello Moto!

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    I'd go with the wire wheel man.
  3. Hello Moto!

    Hello Moto! Active Member

    I'd use one a little on the softer side. A Dremel tool would work nice.
  4. skyash

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    Or light steel wool and thinners
  5. 45u

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    Take apart and bead blast it is how I do it. Here is a part I blasted getting ready to do the machine work on my 1971 Triumph.
  6. libranskeptic

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    Hang the bike upside down and immerse the head in an ~ice cream bucket of ~something, as deep as you safely can go.

    Thats the hardest bit done.
  7. Frankenstein

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    Put on top of a willing friend's head, get a shotgun with birdshot and aim for the paint.

    No actually that's not a good idea... Get a glass container, or metal or even certain plastics, spray it with oven cleaning foam. Eats the paint right off, wash off with tons of water and keep it off your skin.
  8. libranskeptic

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    Further tip is if u swap nozzles, u can use those precision aim spray tube nozzles some pressure paks come with - save nozzles from empties. I did manage to find the tubes in china - they are very losable.
  9. libranskeptic

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    On 2nd thoughts, be warned, oven cleaner is mainly caustic soda? and they warn against its corrosive effects on alloy

    if u must, be sure its cleaned off
  10. Frankenstein

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    I'm debating with myself about the same thing, it's aluminum casting, and the oven cleaner could possibly be a bad thing, it's hard to say for certain, I wish I had some oven cleaner on hand, I have the spare cylinder from a bunked motor, has black paint on it, I'd willingly test the process and post results... Maybe I'll pick up a can later tonight and put my own butt on the firing line.
  11. libranskeptic

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  12. libranskeptic

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    PS, there are many results in above search re folk getting paint off alloy wheels to perhaps benefit from
  13. Frankenstein

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    Thanks, keeping this in mind, so then no go on that oven cleaner, I can't remember what I've seen it used on, definitely a paint but not sure what type of metal, probably a steel gas tank.

    Maybe try aircraft paint stripper, but it might not work on the baked enamel paint. I'd suggest fire, but at the temp needed might ruin the chrome inside the cylinder, which reminds me, don't get oven cleaner on chrome unless you don't want the chrome anymore... That's for sure. Looks like you're not going to have fun with this paint removal, perhaps soaking the part in a container of acetone/gasoline(not recommended)/methol ethyl ketone..

    Good luck, paint removal is my least favorite thing to do.
  14. libranskeptic

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    Not sure i would give up on caustic, just be careful dont leaven it on.

    I think its mainly getting procedure right.

    having gravity on u side helps a lot

    I still like ""Hang the bike upside down and immerse the head in an ~ice cream bucket of ~something, as deep as you safely can go.

    Thats the hardest bit done."

    (assuming it in situ - if not - easier)

    put dummy bolts w/ seals in any holes (threads!!!) & float it like a boat in caustic, slop it on w/ a ~paintbrush, hose clean of caustic & soap down a few times

    may help to warm the caustic

    fyi, never add raw caustic crystals (a must round the house) to hot water, warm the mix after adding.

    test on a bit of finning that dont matter much?
  15. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    I'd probably try fire first, Mapp gas torches burned off every paint I used them on, remember that these are the Chinatown special, they aren't supposed to put lead paint in kids toys but they did it, just like not putting non heat resistant paint on engine parts, he could be (un)lucky and have a cheap paint job of the spray can variety. It could come off with the obvious first choice, acetone.
  16. libranskeptic

    libranskeptic Member

    Brake fluid?
  17. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Just pull you head, jug, and side covers off and put them in a bath of Acetone for a few hours.
    It won't do the base but it will prep the parts you want to paint ;-}
  18. libranskeptic

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    Or just paint it a color that DOES go with your shoes and bag.
  19. KCvale

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    Hehehehe, I can't help but laugh at that, good one bud ;-}
  20. libranskeptic

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    And dont forget to use crack filler on those unsightly gaps between the fins.