Where to get expansion chamber for Tanaka 32cc?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Crosshair_84, Oct 13, 2011.

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    I and many others have bought the $89 Amazon Tanaka 32cc engines so I know I will not be the only one asking this question.

    Does anyone know where I can buy JUST the expansion chamber pipe for a Tanaka PF-3300 engine? I know where I can get a whole performance kit or where I can get a custom pipe, but I'm looking for just a stock pipe for a performance upgrade without having to spend $200 to do it.

    It doesn't have to be a Tanaka pipe, something that would mount to a Tanaka engine and work would be fine too. (I'm a redneck so it doesn't have to be good looking either.) Just so long as it doesn't involve cutting and welding, re-drilling the mounting holes would be fine of course.


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    if i couldnt make them myself (ill do you a custom job for 150+postage...but ill need the bike :D) i would recommend fleabay.

    1:5 rc gas cars. usually have a 30-35cc two banger. large range of pipes.... some work better than others. without knowing all the internal dimensions of the engine, cant say which ones better.

    only advice in that area is look for the ones that actually LOOK LIKE moto-supercross bike exhausts. the cheap things that go on china pocket rockets are bling, lousy cheap bling without the performance. a real pipe is built a certain way because thats how they work...

    despite the fact i swear a lot and throw things and am forever searching for that screw i just dropped at my feet and i get burnt a lot, i enjoy making things like this myself :D learn what works and how to modify em :D
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    Yea, the first one I know about and the second and third one seem to have been out of stock forever and I have no idea when/if they will ever be in stock.

    The 4th one, hmmmmmm, looks like it may work. Not big on pipe engineering, but it looks a little short compared to the others I've seen.


    You mean like the 4th one in HeadSmess's post?
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    Lol, in it worked on my Tanaka 47R engine, GP460 engine and of course the Happy time engines, it'll work for the tiny 32cc Tanaka engine.

    These pipes were bent for center-mount position. They fir my engines EXTREMELY well. On rear mount, ya might have to MAKE it fit. :detective:
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    nah, compared to some ive seen, im fairly impressed with all the links...yes, even the sbp one with the bit of silicone tubing.... yegods... but thats how they are.

    its hard to make everyone happy all the time :(
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    Yea, I got to be a bit of a smart *** with that post, but I wanted to be sure to get clarification.:flowers:

    That's what my uncle and his machine shop is for.:whistling: Hopefully I won't need to use him though.

    Good to get the confusion cleared up. Yea, doesn't look like much, but if it works it works, like I said, I'm not TOO concerned about aesthetics.