Which electric bike for a small mountain?

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    I live on a small mountain with lots of 100 metre-long 30 degree slopes, up and down.

    I do not require long range or high speed.

    I require 30 degree-slope climbing assistance, the ability to freewheel, and the ability to pedal with zero-drag and cogging, or to easily disconnect the motor from the wheel.

    I can contribute 500W of leg power.

    What not too heavy electric bike would you recommend: hub, geared hub, roller-drive, mid-drive, front or rear, 250, 500, 750, or 1000W, 36V or 48V?

  2. jaguar

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    even with 1000W you will have to pedal assist.
    my 48cc-upraded-to-60cc 2 stroke could fly up that (not just because its 60cc but because I've done many mods to it)
    You could probably do it with a 66cc two stroke, higher compression, longer intake tract, upgraded ignition system, and a big rer sprocket.
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    Mid-drive is the way to go!

    Even a 350w mid-drive can motivate a mountain bike at 20 mph (motor alone). - (Upto 750w kits are readily available.)
    The shift in gear ratios can give you >300% that torque for the steep hills.
    (11-34T epoch DNP 7 or 8spd freewheel)
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    If a 750W geared hub motor is used up a steep slope, is there any real difference whether it is on the front or rear wheel?
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    Rear drive is important!
    Going up hill, there is little weight on front tire.
    @ 750w, with little weight, front tire is liable to spin and put bike down.
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  7. libranskeptic

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    the conventional wisdom in a car context would be front drive is a no no.

    basic physics dictates rear is better.

    750 watts, even more so, especially as its steering also. Things could get radical real fast.

    however, an ebike dont have the ; mass, traction and huge power of cars.

    but really, you need mid-drive.
  8. libranskeptic

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    definitely one of this model range


    24 gears, baba bim.

    mine has been my right arm for 18 months

    magic, from the photo you can see the almost invisible motor beautifully (direct drive on crank) housed in the slightly customised frame BB. positively no over heating on my 350w, as you can imagine with a heatsink like that

    very stealthy, you could have a dual motor and they wouldn't know its there. This arrangement means it leaves the standard front 3 chain rings intact - allowing the huge 24 gears

    not their fault, but even panasonic bottle batteries are not up to the job

    I would pass on the optionally included battery, and contrive a 10 or 15ah lifepo4 pouch cell battery pack (~$300/6kg). Sadly, the otherwise nice frame, makes this hard. My upgrade may be a 15ah 36v attached to the fork frame behind the seat and in front of tyre - where the rear rack mounts usually are. Dunno, but 6 kg on a rear rack? I love the bikes handling, shame to spoil it

    they come in all voltages and powered motors & brake options

    pedaling is optional in any case with all those gears. 30 degrees am guessing mine would (importantly i am 75kg) climb at plodding jogger speed. ~500 watt would be a fast sprinter, you would feel some g-forces.

    do heed my advice on the battery tho. ask around.

    lifepo4 is way better than li-ion cannister cells. maybe a lighter and cheaper 10ah 36v battery would suffice for you.
    am a newbie so dunno how it works here but if i can help further, contact me somehow.