Tires White Tires 26 x 2.125 - ebay - help...!



I have found some white tires on ebay for $36 - and ordered them..

Then I find out that the guy is going to charge me $45 shipping... to the UK

Is that a reasonable price - I think its a little steep personally..

any ideas or do I just accept the extra cost?

Jemma xx
I would say that's about right. Shipping here has gone out of sight. I've bought parts and the shipping was more than the cost of the part!:confused:
The white tires are getting harder to find and 36 bucks is a good price. The shipping you cant do much about, but in total it seems like a good deal to the UK.
Who is he using as a shipper.PM me you're address and his and i'll do some checking around for you if you'd like.
If they aren't foldable (ie can't fit in a standard USPS box) then that sounds about right.
I thought it might be size related because I doubt you could curl up that sort of tire small enough to fit in a standard box.

I've ordered them anyways - since I couldnt find any anywhere else and I really think they would suit the bike.

Redid my exhaust silencer as well - thought my engine was gonna fall to bits - turns out the exhaust was blowing and sounding like mechanical noise...

Jemma xx