Whizzer J engine, no power

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    Hello out there,

    I realize there are likely many reasons but here is what I've got so far.

    I have the engine set so that it starts easily and idles nicely but I have no power when I let out the clutch and it bogs down and stalls. Starts easy again but stalls. If I rev it like crazy I can get it going.

    I've replaced the plug, set the main jet screw as per manual, which tells me to turn it all the way in then back it off three quaters of a turn and go from there. With this in mind should I make it leaner or richer from that point given I have no low end power (or virtually no power at all)

    The air filter is new, exhaust is not plugged.

    I know there could be actual problems withink the carb, so with my limited knowledge should I even attempt taking it off and servicing it?

    I live in Vancouver, so I'm at sea level.

    Once in a while it backfires on start up..... any ideas?

    Thanks..... Wayne
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    Never mind..... found a rebuild kit

    Hello all,

    After digging more online I found a complete replacement kit for the N Carb and I will do a rebuild on it.

    It comes with every part imaginable for the carb and detailed instructions on settings and such.