whizzer J-model stalling while riding

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by militarymonark, May 16, 2012.

  1. militarymonark

    militarymonark New Member

    So I have my J-Model idling perfect and revving for as long as I want on the stand but when I start hitting the road about 2 min into my ride it bogs down and stalls, after I wait for about a min and start it up again im good for another 2 mins.

    Does anyone have any ideas? The engine is a newly rebuilt stock with a carter N carb.

  2. Mikkojay

    Mikkojay New Member

    If you take the fuel line off at the carb and let it drain into a cup, do you have more than just a trickle? I have had a dirty sock on the petcock cause something like that. I'm sure you'll get some more qualified replies, but that was my first guess :)
  3. militarymonark

    militarymonark New Member

    The fuel flows pretty well, no issues there.
  4. militarymonark

    militarymonark New Member

  5. Mikkojay

    Mikkojay New Member

    Yeah, pretty deed here lately-
    Anyway, when it dies, is there any sputter, or is it like somebody pulled the plug?
  6. militarymonark

    militarymonark New Member

    kind of a mix of both, it starts to sputter then like someone pulled the plug
  7. Mikkojay

    Mikkojay New Member

    I saw an interesting response to a similar question online-
    Here is what was suggested:
    Carry a spare spark plug with you on a test ride.
    When the bike dies, quickly slave in the spare plug then test against the crankcase for a healthy spark. This might help to at least eliminate one possible problem.
    Regardless, I would swap in a new plug just to eliminate that since it would be cheap and easy :)
    Good luck with the diagnosis.
  8. BlueWhizzer

    BlueWhizzer Member

    You could be filling up the fuel bowl by letting it sit and then when you go for a ride you use up the fuel in the bowl and it dies.

    To test: Let bike sit with fuel turned on and then start the bike then turn fuel off and go for a ride. If it dies in the same amount of time the problem is in the fuel feed.
  9. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    Make sure your gas cap is still venting. It almost sounds like it is starving for fuel. A gas cap that is venting too slow will cause the same symptoms.

  10. militarymonark

    militarymonark New Member

    so how do I fix the fuel feed?
  11. BlueWhizzer

    BlueWhizzer Member

    What is the history of the bike? Has it been ridden a lot and all of the sudden this problem has showed up or has it been sitting for many months since last ridden?

    Disassembling and cleaning the carb is a good place to start if you know the carb is receiving plenty of fuel from the tank.

    Is it a tillotson or carter carb? Another option is to just pull the bowl off and flush everything with carb cleaner. Then put gas additive cleaner in the tank and see if it gets better. It could just be slightly gummed up from sitting/old gas.
  12. militarymonark

    militarymonark New Member

    it ran well about 6 months ago prior to being deployed. I came home and it started right up no prob. It hasn't had many miles on it since being rebuilt maybe 10 tops. Its a carter carb.
  13. BlueWhizzer

    BlueWhizzer Member

    I always put sta-bil gas additive in my vehicles that sit for a while so, I don't have gas varnish/gum up problems.

    You might need to clean the carb and put some gum out through it if it sat for 6 months. If it runs a little bit it the way it is it shouldn't be too hard to clean it up.
  14. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Most likely the float needle is restricted. Use large amounts of carburetor cleaner in the fuel.

    Do you have the electronic ignition module, if not, you should, as the points are a real issue.

    If the bike restarts after a few minuites it is most likely due to poor fuel flow at the needle jet.

    have fun,