whizzer motor h crankshaft bearing.

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    can somebody please explain to me just how i can pull the main bearing off of the crankshaft? a two jaw puller will not make 180 degrees contact for each jaw making for a uneven and ussatisfactory pull. thanks, mcdougal

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    Crankshaft Bearing Removal

    Position the crank with the PTO side facing up (pinion side of crank down). Open a vise about 1-3/8" wide. With the counterweights facing away from the open vise, lower the crankpin end of the crank through the jaws and the corners of the vise jaws will just catch the 2 edges of the bearing that stick out beyond the crankpin and near the counterweights. Thus the vise jaws will be supporting the crank by contacting the outer race of the bearing. Hit the PTO end of the crank judiciously with a brass hammer and the bearing will easily come off. Be sure to hold your hand under the crank as you are driving it so it doesn't fall when it is released from the bearing.
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    If it is stubborn then heat up the bearing first so it will expand slightly and not grip the shaft so tightly.

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    Too cool! Thanks so very much for the great explanation. mcdougal

    ps. What can you tell me about checking for endplay without the use of an crankshaft endplay guage?