Who can build this bike and how much?

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    State Farm has agreed to pay to replace my stolen bike. I have a list of the parts and features I will list below. Does anyone in the forum know someone who might be able to do it and for how much. There must be a warranty on the work.

    Here is a list of features that should be included on a comparable replacement bike.

    Bike - aluminum frame Cruiser Style bike with 29" wheels, road tires and fenders.
    Caliper Brakes-durable oversize beach cruiser caliper brakes, front and rear.
    Seat- oversize, adjustable gel seat.
    Handle bars - large beach cruiser style handle bars mounted with choke, gas throttle, electric throttle, 2 brake levers, air horn switch, mirror, custom grips and LED headlamp.
    Chains- #41 chains on both gas drive and pedal drive.
    Tire Tube Liners
    Puncture Resistant Tubes
    Kick Stand- dual leg motorcycle style kick stand to handle load of completed bike and passenger.
    Gas Motor Kit -Grubee Skyhawk G5 motor with secure adjustable motor mount, sound dampening, oversize air filter, quick release removable gas tank, upgraded plug wire, external fuel filter, clutch cable guide, etc.
    Electric Motor Kit - 700 watt front wheel drive electric wheel with 48 volt nippo power supply along with controller, throttle, brake levers, etc.
    Wheels- 29" double wall rims with 12ga. spokes. Front wheel includes electric motor rear wheel has the Grubee HD Freewheel hub with 12ga. spokes capable of carrying the load of passenger and power supply.
    Rack - Topeak rear rack
    Lights - Topeak headlight and taillight
    Pedals - aluminum bike pedals
    Air Horn- Airzound air horn with pump valve to charge.
    Mirror- Rear view mirror

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    Tom check out venice motor bikes. Great guys and do some awesome bikes.
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