Who here rides a non motorized bike regularly still?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Large Filipino, Jun 22, 2008.

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Percentage of Motoredbike riding to regular bike riding

  1. 50% Motor 50% bike same bike

    5 vote(s)
  2. 75% Motor 25% bike same bike

    4 vote(s)
  3. 50% motor 50% bike different bikes

    10 vote(s)
  4. 75% motor 25% bike different bikes

    5 vote(s)
  5. 100% motor 0% non engined bike collecting dust

    12 vote(s)
  1. I've been getting spoiled with my Motoredbike so I've been trying to ride more without engine. I just shut Cronus off and ride around my local park on the week days. I'm thinking now of getting a 15 dollar comfortable bike without ever putting an engine on it so I can get my cardio in. Something with gears,a bit less weight and rather easy to pedal.
    I need to lose some pounds. So just gauging your opinions. Be honest!! :grin:
    On the poll,pick your closest accurate one.
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  2. BSA

    BSA Guest

    No engine!!!:eek:
    Them comfort bikes do look good for casual cycling, the riding position is better, without being all haunched over the handlebars like the racing bikes.

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  3. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    I have become, comfortably numb!
  4. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    Admitedly, I have gained heaps, 10 kilos, 20lbs I think.
    I peddle out of guilt, but then all disciplne fades and it's like auto-pilot, let go of the clutch and wonder why I bother.
  5. spunout

    spunout Member

    well....before motoring, i rode my mountain bike 9miles each way to/from work.
    good workout. it got stolen, and had to use a friend's "comfort bike". you're right, they look good. but i hated it! i was completely worn out after 5 miles. pedaling seems much, much harder.
    and, there seems to be some confusion on what some stores call a 'comfort bike'. some look just like regular cruisers. the one i rode had a high cross-bar, and i felt like i was a dog, doing the 'sit up and beg' posture.

    sorry to throw my rant on your thread, Large.
    you want to pedal more. good for you. i'm just saying perhaps a mountain bike would be better.
  6. grouchyolfart

    grouchyolfart Member

    I retired my 80's vintage Fuji hybrid for later use with a motor. I've upgraded to a Giant mountain bike and installed a "big ***" seat, street tires and used the Fuji handle bars to make my own comfort hybrid. We try to get out every evening for a ride around the neighborhood, as a family. Sometimes we'll pack the bikes up and take off for our regional park which has a couple miles of paved paths and some decent hills. Not a bad workout, though. :grin:

    Btw, that Giant retails for just over $300. I got it for an even hundred off Craigslist from a college student returning to the mainland. We really don't need anymore bikes, but we've come to really like these comfort/beach cruiser hybrids, especially the retro looking ones, and are always looking for good deals. Many sell for well under a hundred bucks.

    My wife now rides a 24" Huffy cruiser hybrid we found for $45 and recently found a 24" Kulana girls beach cruiser at a garage sale for $15. Only need a new tube. My daughter jumped on that one right quick so now we have a 20" mountain bike we need to get rid of. :lol:
  7. muddawg

    muddawg Member

    well i aint got my mb built yet but im a regular on my bicycle
    but i do 45min to an hour every day for the excercise its great cardio
    and real easy on the knees compared to walking or jogging
    i aint skinny yet but not as round as i used to be

    ill second the big ast seat deal and the road tires on a mtn bike
    ya dont have to get one of them $40 gel seats
    the old wide seats can be found on junkers at a yardsale 5 bucks for the whole bike

    oh, large if ya think them hills are bad with an engine....
    you dam shore aint gonna like em now

  8. alex

    alex Guest

    HA HA pedal power HA HA:lol: yeah right!
  9. sabrewalt

    sabrewalt Guest

    Pedeling is too slow

    I just get so frustrated because you cant get anywhere. Spoiled we are. As a compromise, I ride a weak electric bike that requires pedeling or the battery will run down to fast. I can still blow past the guy puffing up the hill but I am pedeling the whole way.
  10. kaploink

    kaploink Member

    It's tempting to use only the motored bike, but I am trying to use my regular bicycles also. For the health benefits and the fact I could lose a few, ok a lot of pounds.

    For grocery shopping, I am still using my normal bike and a trailer.
  11. DougC

    DougC Guest

    I still mostly ride my un-motorized bikes. This is my long-range bike, and this is my around-town bike. On the recumbent: ~30 miles is a typical ride, ~50 miles is tiring and 75 miles is pretty long, but it is possible to do.

    I think it could be possible to build a motorized bike that was really good for pedaling as well, but the engine still adds 10 lbs of dead weight, which is quite a lot when you're providing the power....

    Also the motorized bike I built looks like an antique motorcycle, which I think looks cool but really isn't that great for pedaling long distances. If I HAD to build such a bicycle, I would find a way to rig up the GEBE engine below the recumbent's seat somehow.
  12. I'm actually contemplating a BMX bike like the junker I had back in the day. Yes,pedaling would be harder than back in the day. Yes,climbing hills would be near impossible. But maybe. Just maybe if I use it for short errands and use it enough. Maybe. Just maybe I can zig zag that big hill like I did when I was 14.
    But mountain bikes I can get for under 20 bucks. But I think I can get a better workout on that BMX.
    ..or maybe fix up that trike and use that for a while.
  13. skyl4rk

    skyl4rk Guest

    I commute on an old Schwinn Continental with flat handlebars, no motor. Its less than a mile each way, and I need the exercise. Plus the pedal bike is lightweight compared to the ebike and easy to pedal, and if it gets stolen, oh well I am out the $2 I paid for it at the garage sale. I only motor - bicycle once a week or two with my ebike.
  14. brett_maverick

    brett_maverick New Member

    I ride my non-motorized bike every day the weather is fit to ride. My one qualm with motorizing my bike is that I would become lazy and fat.

  15. muddawg

    muddawg Member

    i have several 5 speed 20" bmx,s in my garage right now

    they were just thrown away

    that may make the hills not bite so hard

  16. I fixed up my trike today and gave it some paint. bugabike.jpg
    I also greased the coaster. The brake cable rusted out. Need to get another one. New tubes. Yes. That's a drum front brake. Yes. Those are SERIOUSLY thick spokes. This bike belonged to my buddy. He was a pretty hard to please developmentally disabled man that I befriended right away when we first met. He was disturbing other people I was training in at another dorm and he would not budge and sat on a rug. Then when we were all proceeding to drag that rug so he can go to the other dorm he persisted to slam me on my head with his sony cassette walkman over and over and over again. Yea. I loved that guy. He ruled HUGE. He passed away OMG was it 3 years already? Too much sentimental value this trike. This trike will NEVER leave me. No way.
    He always called everybody he liked Buggy and he always called me "Da".
    So I will call this the Buggy a Buggy Da Buggy bike. He talked like that. Did I mention how cool he was? So many free slurpees... they just wanted him gone... then he high 5's me at the parking lot. I miss that guy,man.
    So this will be my cardio bike. I can hold some cases of water back there. Maybe I'll bring it up so it will be like a shopping cart.
    It has 36/20 gearing so easy to pedal. It's weird riding this bike for it feels like it wants to pull to the right,but that's the drive wheel side and to ride this trike you have to let go of your balance this is rather hard to do and just steer.
    Yup. This is my cardio bike.... you KNOW a friction drive's gonna go on that front wheel. :grin:
    It's Murphy's Law or something.
    That bike would sure to be rather hard to lock up properly,though.
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  17. Accender

    Accender Member

    I have a six speed crusier with the gebe. To my dismay at 20 mph I cannot assist
    with the pedals because my feet cant go fast enuff. I just put a 54 tooth front sproket
    on (up from 46) and now at motored speeds I still assist the engine to get a little
    cardio on my way to work. Higher pedal gearing with the MB is the way to go.
    Plus since I always pedal now with the motor I look natural and not motorized (stealth)

    My pedal only bike has dust and cobwebs on it ( I just don't use it now )

  18. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    I voted for 100% motor, non engined bike collecting dust.

    I'd say I use the motor 90% of the time, coast 7% of the time, pedal 3% of the time. I start pedaling when I see a cop (motor bicycles aren't legal in Michigan). I work late once a week. When I leave my job at midnight I use the motor half of the time. I pedal on flat roads, and coast down hills. I fire up the engine when I have to climb hills. I'm trying to keep a low profile. I have not been pulled over yet. I been motorized for over 3 months, and put on a few thousand miles.
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  19. grouchyolfart

    grouchyolfart Member

    Hey, LF. That's a pretty sturdy looking trike. Simple in design and very functional and looks compact. It'll probably outlast that engine you plan on front mounting. ;)

    Have you looked at the padded cable at your local hardware store? Can get them in any length and they also sell the crimping kits for each size. You could make a custom cable and use one of those bike "U" locks with it. Pretty bullet proof security system. :)

    I kinda wish the bike lanes were a bit wider, where I ride. The "spookiest" part of my ride, going and coming, is over a bridge. There's no bike lane and the sidewalk is too narrow for a trike. Well, maybe with an engine I could get over that short bridge and on to the bike lane in short order. It's at the bottom of a hill so I'd be crossing it at 35+mph. Cars average 45. The speed limit in that area is supposed to be 25mph. :rolleyes:
  20. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

    I ride my electric tricycle for around 75% of the time because it gets used for shopping and going to the hardware store etc etc. My tricycle is my car replacement for around the town type tasks and I've got it geared so I can pedal along too and get some exercise without wearing myself out too fast.
    Because I like bicycles I own a small fleet of elderly English bicycles and these get ridden in between times for the sheer fun of it.
    Having a motor push or pull you about is certainly helpful when it comes to carrying large loads, but I still enjoy the buzz I get from riding one of my old lightweights or ladies sports bicycles. When I walk I need a walking stick, but once I'm on a bicycle I'm free and I can go fast without missteps or wobbles :grin: