Who here rides a non motorized bike regularly still?

Percentage of Motoredbike riding to regular bike riding

  • 50% Motor 50% bike same bike

    Votes: 5 13.9%
  • 75% Motor 25% bike same bike

    Votes: 4 11.1%
  • 50% motor 50% bike different bikes

    Votes: 10 27.8%
  • 75% motor 25% bike different bikes

    Votes: 5 13.9%
  • 100% motor 0% non engined bike collecting dust

    Votes: 12 33.3%

  • Total voters

Large Filipino

I've been getting spoiled with my Motoredbike so I've been trying to ride more without engine. I just shut Cronus off and ride around my local park on the week days. I'm thinking now of getting a 15 dollar comfortable bike without ever putting an engine on it so I can get my cardio in. Something with gears,a bit less weight and rather easy to pedal.
I need to lose some pounds. So just gauging your opinions. Be honest!! :D
On the poll,pick your closest accurate one.
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No engine!!!:eek:
Them comfort bikes do look good for casual cycling, the riding position is better, without being all haunched over the handlebars like the racing bikes.

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Admitedly, I have gained heaps, 10 kilos, 20lbs I think.
I peddle out of guilt, but then all disciplne fades and it's like auto-pilot, let go of the clutch and wonder why I bother.
Them comfort bikes do look good for casual cycling, the riding position is better, without being all haunched over the handlebars like the racing bikes.

well....before motoring, i rode my mountain bike 9miles each way to/from work.
good workout. it got stolen, and had to use a friend's "comfort bike". you're right, they look good. but i hated it! i was completely worn out after 5 miles. pedaling seems much, much harder.
and, there seems to be some confusion on what some stores call a 'comfort bike'. some look just like regular cruisers. the one i rode had a high cross-bar, and i felt like i was a dog, doing the 'sit up and beg' posture.

sorry to throw my rant on your thread, Large.
you want to pedal more. good for you. i'm just saying perhaps a mountain bike would be better.
I retired my 80's vintage Fuji hybrid for later use with a motor. I've upgraded to a Giant mountain bike and installed a "big ***" seat, street tires and used the Fuji handle bars to make my own comfort hybrid. We try to get out every evening for a ride around the neighborhood, as a family. Sometimes we'll pack the bikes up and take off for our regional park which has a couple miles of paved paths and some decent hills. Not a bad workout, though. :D

Btw, that Giant retails for just over $300. I got it for an even hundred off Craigslist from a college student returning to the mainland. We really don't need anymore bikes, but we've come to really like these comfort/beach cruiser hybrids, especially the retro looking ones, and are always looking for good deals. Many sell for well under a hundred bucks.

My wife now rides a 24" Huffy cruiser hybrid we found for $45 and recently found a 24" Kulana girls beach cruiser at a garage sale for $15. Only need a new tube. My daughter jumped on that one right quick so now we have a 20" mountain bike we need to get rid of. :LOL:
well i aint got my mb built yet but im a regular on my bicycle
but i do 45min to an hour every day for the excercise its great cardio
and real easy on the knees compared to walking or jogging
i aint skinny yet but not as round as i used to be

ill second the big ast seat deal and the road tires on a mtn bike
ya dont have to get one of them $40 gel seats
the old wide seats can be found on junkers at a yardsale 5 bucks for the whole bike

oh, large if ya think them hills are bad with an engine....
you dam shore aint gonna like em now

Pedeling is too slow

I just get so frustrated because you cant get anywhere. Spoiled we are. As a compromise, I ride a weak electric bike that requires pedeling or the battery will run down to fast. I can still blow past the guy puffing up the hill but I am pedeling the whole way.
It's tempting to use only the motored bike, but I am trying to use my regular bicycles also. For the health benefits and the fact I could lose a few, ok a lot of pounds.

For grocery shopping, I am still using my normal bike and a trailer.