Why I ride a motored bike...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Marktur, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Marktur

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    Because I love this (see picture) and I want it to be here for the rest of my life, and all of my kid's life, and all of his kid's life, etc....

    I live in Boynton Beach, FL (33426) - tell me this picture isn't worth fighting for!

    Post a pic of your favorite local spot, and BE PROUD that we're part of the solution, and less of the problem.

    I am having so much fun with my bike, saving gas, and "doing my part".

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  2. alex

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  3. HI,

    Nice....I wish I was there!

    I ride motored bikes for fun primarily but sometimes for a quick errand if I am not planning on buying too much.

  4. stringer

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    I get alot of flats.

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  5. Nice pics!
    I ride because it makes me feel young again.
    I feel like I'm 14 when I ride.
    Like today I got in trouble because I didn't tell my family where I was going.
    I almost got grounded!
  6. jared3377

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    HAHAHA!--"almost got grounded." That's funny, LG... I agree with Large, though, I ride a bike because it's FUN and makes me feel young, but it's also economical and gas-saving and, oh yeah, FUN!!! :grin::shock::grin:
  7. jared3377

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    Oh, yeah...I forgot to add pictures. Here's 2 by the Mississippi River in St. Cloud, Minnesota, my favorite body of water to ride along:

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  8. Marktur

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    Nice guys - I am the biggest 43 year old kid out of all of us, I'll bet!

    Large - Go to your room this instant, young man! :)
  9. vegaspaddy

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    i built my bike to get in shape again with the intention of using the engine only if i needed too. hehe, well we all now how that worked out, i have to constantly remember myself to keep turning the peddles in case a red whit and blue drives by.

    It sucks living in the city, i envy everyone who can just hope on their bike and enjoy the view, me i get to look at thousands of trac homes that just blend in one after another.

    I do live close to the bottom of Mount Charleston, so i can take a ride around there on my days off, but mostly to enjoy any scenery i have to lug the bike in the back of the pickup and head off for a drive.
  10. Mountainman

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    Why I ride -- there is something VERY SPECIAL in regards to an engine -- either large or small engine either pulling or pushing me along. My grandfather brought home to me a 7 1/2 hp mini bike at the age of six or seven -- thing went around 45 mph -- before that -- aprox age of 5 - I had taken a small gas engine from my hobbies airplane and mounted it to the rear fender of my bicycle -- that little airplane engine had close to .0001 % pushing power -- BUT -- I was on my way -- something about a small engine -- still thrills me today -- for a day of fun riding give me my 35cc... I want my I want my I want my 35cc !!! Happy Riding from - Mountainman