will it work,generator powered light

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by tone2crazy, May 24, 2011.

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    I checked out the light on amazon and I use somthing like this all the time except I replace the 6v bulb with a 7v. At high rev's a 6v will blow. most of the time I do just run the lights off the engine and if you replace with a higher volt bulb (Radio shack) you can run the lights right off the engine white power wire. Install a switch to make starting easier as the light will rob some power from the system making a cold start harder. My last few builds I went to putting in a 12v battery to run everything, just plug it in once a week.
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    A couple of additional issue with the 'bottle' type tire-spun generators


    is that they
    • are built with cheap sleeves rather than bearings. The sleeves wear out quickly, especially at speeds over 10 MPH.
    • They are extremely inefficient. This causes a lot of drag when peddling, and the drag is noticeable when motoring.

    A dyno-hub, on the other hand, is efficient with little drag, very rugged, lasts forever, and doesn't generate nearly as high an over-voltage at higher speeds. You still should add regulation to avoid the over-voltage conditions at the lamp, but it's not as critical as it is for the bottle generators. Sturmey-Archer also makes a dyno-hub with oversized brake drum/shoes
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    i wasn't planning on using the little generator the kit comes with. just the light.
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    Gen. powered light

    Hey tone2crazy,
    Also check out Wonderful Creations Store. They have a 6v gen. system that bolts right to your engine like a extra magneto setup. I know they have a 6v, I dont know if they make it in a 12v setup. This way you won't rob ANY power from the engines electrical system. Looks like it should work.
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    yeah, i saw those but i dont really get how it works. and i dont like to buy stuff without knowing how it works. lol.
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    i run a bottle gen on my bike its an old one no probs yet:bowdown::rolleyes7:
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    Super LED headlights are a much better option and will be no problem for the engines alternator. Many people have just taken led flashlights and modded them into headlights since you can find them so cheap at hardware stores and such. Some are quite bright, try a few at the store. The power draw is tiny and they last indefinately, don't die from bouncing around, and if you add a tiny resistor in series won't be affected by overvoltage. Each LED inside a flashlight takes 1v so if you buy one with 6 leds in it that's a 6v light. Add a100ohm resistor in series for overvoltage protection and that's all it takes, 1v and 1w per led, so if the flashlight or headlight has 10 leds in it, and if they are in series, that's 100ohm 10w resistor you need so that even a 12-13v system won't overpower a 10v led pack for example.

    If you don't want to wire or modify a flashlight, you can buy premade superled based headlights already done like this:
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