Wireless Turn Signals

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    Sounds great, But the only thing that gots me wondering is if the signals would be interupted by the CDI module just like most wireless speedos do.
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    weather sealing

    I would have bought it if it had weather sealing. We have alot of rain.
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    Graucho -- Thanks for posting the links!!! I like the SIR light!!! I might consider getting one for our extra bicycle (18-speed Mongoose Switchback). I'm still looking for turn signals for my Electra Townie ...
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    Nope, works just fine, at least with my 4 stroke Hua Cheng running. May be different with a HT?

    I'll let you know how it works out in the wet as it rains alot here also.

    That SIR light is a joke for $99. It is nothing more than some LED's in a plastic housing, about $10 worth of parts tops. This is a better deal for $10 more:
    http://www.rockthebike.com/lights/downlowglow Although you can make your own with some cold cathode tubes and some ingenuity for way less.
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    Down Low Glow Bike Light ...

    The Down Low Glow looks super cool ... !!! Wonder if they have the color purple .. ???
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    i have had a set of bicgnals for over 8 months now. They work great at night, drivers can easily see your indicators flashing, daytime using your head and common sense the best method to change direction.

    The only issue i had, was with the rear mount when i would go over a bump the rear set would occasionally jump of its holder, but solved that easily by using a rubber band, simple and effective.

    If they had put a built in brake light with this unit this set of lights would be the bomb, solve every mbrs indicator and brake light issues although the large front console wont work with everyones handle bar styles.

    I still use a separate front light system for my main lighting at night so with just the indicator function turned on i am still running the original batteries.

    Pricey i agree, but way more pros than cons with these, easy to setup, clip on and off the bike so you can take them with you and less wiring to contend with.
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    As far as the leds lighting $99 WAY TOO MUCH !!!!!

    I have a 1 foot strip of blue led lights which i bought to mount on my gebe mongoose..... run of a 12 volt source for $13 (20 with postage)

    http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&search-alias=automotive&field-brandtextbin=TNR Lighting

    light up the garge pretty good. Still have to make a housing to protect them but $99 YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!

    Come in many lengths and colors or some with a control switch to let them cycle threw rainbows, pretty crazy....although not all options sold on amazon. Goggle automotive lighting systems and you will hit hundreds of these lights out there.

    Still debating wether to use or not, as it might pull a little too much attention my way, might mount on the wifes trike then that baby would be way cool!!!!
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