wondering whos bought a chain drive staton inc motor?



im looking to buy to a 43cc mitsubishi chain drive from staton.does anyone here have 1 of these kits?btw i ran across this company through a demolition company in canada ,they used there systems on wheelbarows very tough gear boxes... im looking to find out about performance on bicycles.thanx
I dont own one but the park owner has one on a trike that i put on for him after he had heart surgery they are almost bullet proof, but I dont care for gear reduction I like the look of the GEBE's,
regardind gear reduction

im looking to go over 3500 miles at the end of the summer so mechanical is of high priority.was the speed on this unit quite normal?
I put it on a wal-mart trifecta trike and it runs great after the frist month we had a problem of the motors drive chaine streching but now its fine .
the top end on it with the 33.5 subaru is 18-20mph but the trike only has 20' tires.
now what I have read about the Gebe kits is that they have a better top end and are easyer to work on when on long runs and they are almost 9lbs lighter....bamabikeguy is the best one here to help you with the Gebe's.....hope this helped....LW
Loco....what exactly did you not like about the staton gearbox? was it noisy, like the one Dax reviewed?
just wondering...thanks
just checked out gebe

gebe-i do like that setup but they say there belts are good for about 1000 miles?and tanaka motors are supposedly loud.i know the mitsubishi has a catalytic converter and its ultra quiet.the staton kit has a hardened axle for the rear also.maybe someone who has one will fess up,im gonna keep lookin.