Worst case - broken foot

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Zomby Builder, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. I broke my F/ N foot. Crutches for sale CHEAP!!
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  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Man, this is sad. Maybe if you got an Ambassador?
  3. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    No pedaling at all? What if you went downhill to get the things started?
  4. Sorry to hear......

    Hi Zomby, I dunno how you did that, but I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune. When you get well enuf, I can show you a no-pedalling, street legal Motorized bicycle (with pedals of course).

    I would like details on the Whizzer stuff, if you will,

  5. az cra-z

    az cra-z Guest

    Darn, Zombie, sorry to hear that!
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  6. Need n both wheels

    Sorry Mike no genuine Whizzer crutches. Mine are USA Scripps Clinic. Although you might find some from Whizzer USA, I hear that they are importing China /Tiawan knockoffs. Although might make a biker be Knock-Kneed & frigin BOW-LEGGED... They get the wobbly job done.
  7. Unclear info...

    Hi Zomby, your answer to me may have been clouded with Pain meds? I wanted info on your Whizzer stuff!

    The no-pedalling bike I am referring to is not a Whizzer, soooo, maybe it is me that is confused?

  8. Pain meds

    There is nothing like the (mental & physical) pain of one of your wheels going broken. There is no med strong enough. I am going to have to part the Stretch. The concept was good I thought, but the components don't work properly together. It only downshifts with the motor stopped. Too much resistance for the NuVinci, the controller won't stay connected, pops off when you try to shift down. Not good. Sooo what's a remedy??? Swap out the motor with one that starts with a kick or pull, and has a no resistance centrifical clutch. (Maybe a Morini) Or scrap the NuVinci.....Bikes too heavy & not designed to work with a belt drive anymore, & I can't pedal for at least another year. Maybe longer.

    I hate to do it but the Whizzer motor has got to go. It was just getting broken in nicely too. So heres the deal--I have a beautiful Quenton built modified NE with mushroom lifters & early high lift cam. 26 mm carb, & It runs like a dream. I also have all the mounting brackets (weld on) from another frame & all electrics. Pretty much the same components that you used to be able to buy as a kit from Whizzer except this one has no gas tank or belt sheath/long belt. Anybody thinking of motorizing a classic should contact me. I want around 700 for it & will negotiate price depending on what you need. This would also be a great compliment to one of Mikes frames.