WTB cable and gear for a speedometer

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by MaxGlide, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. MaxGlide

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    Hello All,

    I have a JC Higgins speedometer but I need a cable and gear for a 26" bike.

    The cable threads on to the back of the speedo. See picture.

    Thanks..... Wayne

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  2. srjeeper

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  3. MaxGlide

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    Replacement cable and gear

    Thanks srjeeper,

    I've heard that these plastic gears have stripped within 20 miles or so of use.

    Do you know anything about that?

  4. azbill

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    mike simpson or quenton would probably know if a whizzer cable (much heavier) would work
    the 'sports' from bikeworldusa will die quickly...mine lasted less than 50miles:(
    the gear in the head stripped

    I know i gave you that info on the other thread,(re: bikeworld) sorry to sound contradictory, I still have the cable and sending unit and never thought they were the problem !
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  5. Speedo Cable blues!

    Hi MaxGlide, well i don't know if Whizzer parts will work on your speedo, even tho it looks like Stewart Warner on the backside, BUT I do have a solution/suggestion for you.

    Some bikeshops sell a plastic speedo complete for 13-20 bucks with the cable and little plastic drive sector, these are the same fittings used on the Modern Whizzer, and many Stewart Warner clone type speedos.

    I would take my speedo to a shop, try their cable, then buy it if it fit, and use the drive and cable, then knowing that standard Stewart Warner parts will work on your unit.

    Good Luck,

  6. MaxGlide

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    That's what I'll do...

    I will wait until I pick up all my stuff (going to Seattle this week to get Whizzer and all the goodies I bought!) then go and see what I can do to fit a cable onto the speedo.

    Thanks Mike.... Wayne