WTS: Staton friction kit Mitsu 2.2hp motor[SOLD]

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by B.K. Hosken, Feb 20, 2011.

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    The motor and kit has about 500 miles on it, I used it to commute 5 miles to work for about 3 months most days...then I got a job 35 miles away. It never stranded me, and is VERY reliable. Has the Mitsubishi TLE43 motor, the kit is very similar to the link below but with a Mitsubishi TLE43 engine. It's a 2-stroke so it's pretty light, but has a really good muffler system because it's quiet as well. 2.2 hp rating, and I got it with the 1-3/8" roller so it will go about 35mph, even with my 230 pounds. I think I paid $500+ for it, I'd like to get $300 plus shipping. If you're local to Melbourne, FL you can come see it. Contact me at bkhosken at yahoo dot comm. Link to similar kit below.

    The motor I got is this link. Staton doesn't sell this combo now, for some reason.


    this link is the kit.

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  2. B.K. Hosken

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    Bump? Offers?
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    Anyone? $250 plus shipping?
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    Weekend bump...
  5. Is it friction drive or chain drive?What is the bottom dollor you will take for it?I live in texas and am very interested in it....
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    It's friction drive. I'll take $250 including shipping to you. Here's some pics. The close up pics are the actual kit I am selling, the "whole bike" pic is another kit but it's the same design.

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  7. Looks great,how much would it be to ship it and how would we go about the payment arangment?Do you have all the hardware so I can just mount it right up to my bike????
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    The mitsubishi TLE43 is a 43cc motor, and it's rated at 2.2hp. I have all the hardware, but if you want to mount it to a bike with larger tires than 20", you will need to buy a couple of 3/4"x1/8" aluminum bars, and cut them to the right length you want for a bigger tire size. I cut mine for a 20" bike, so if you have a 26" they may not fit. You can get them at Lowe's, that's where I got these. You'll also have to drill a couple holes in them, or you could order replacements from Staton Inc. They carry all the parts for all this stuff. Not sure how much it will be to ship, but I will cover the shipping out of the $250. You pay $250, I will pay to ship it out of that amount. You can send me a check, postal money order, or Paypal (if you do paypal you need to add $7 to cover fees). Please email me at bkhosken at yahoo dot com to discuss off the forums.
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    I will buy the kit alone PM me we can discuss
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    Any reasonable offers? This is the deluxe high quality version of all friction drive kits. You won't be sorry. The Staton kits are really build to last and run well.
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    PM sent.
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    SOLD, thanks all!!