You know what would convince people that an MB is a solution?


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Apr 2, 2008
Here's a simple thought--

Most people think my MB is a toy, or just think it's for fun. Which, I have to admit, at this time, it is. But what ends up turning my bike into a "solution" to these people is as soon as I say, "Yeah, it gets about 150 MPG". Then all the sudden, these faces turn into extreme interest.

"Where can I get one?"
"How much did it cost?"
"Wow- that's great!"

Here's a simple way to get people's attention: A sticker

A sticker that simply says "150 MPG".

I guarantee that'll turn some heads. Just like how a hybrid gets attention-- people always ask a hybrid driver, "how many MPG do you get??"- only because they see "hybrid" on their car.

People assume motorized bicycles are just a silly way to get around. Before I had one, I just compared it to a less aggressive dirt bike. They never think about the reality behind them and the solution they can be.

I say "150 MPG" will turn heads. It would mine.

Anyone agree? I'm thinking of putting one on my bike. Should I make more?
I agree....with gas prices as high as they are anything that helps save $$ is bound to be a hit....I have noticed way more scooters in my town lately...

Definitely a good idea. I suppose up until now most people would just refuse to think of these as anything other than a toy for eccentrics and DUIs and such. But with fuel at $4.00/gallon and, apparently, rising "150 mpg" would make 'em stop and think before they laugh.
I actually got that idea when a member here that showed off his Whizzers had a plate on one of them that showed off his mileage. I know it's around this forum somewhere. So about a few weeks ago I ventured off at the Wal Marts and got me some stickers! Photo0256.jpg
But I really got a neighbors attention last week when I did my 60 miler and I pulled up at the Cherry Creek mall far away from home (about 26 miles) and he walked up to me saying "just how far DO you go?"
I feel like a super-hero.
Everyone wants to be a super-hero.
They just have to reach out and get it.
My neighbor gets it.
He don't have a bike yet though.
People are fascinating creatures.
when people see me hauling as much as many of them, with my bike & trailer,they know it is functional, & while it is kinda a toy to me, it is useful as well. my sticker would say,

Fantastic idea!!!!

I'll be cutting some thin sheetmetal to affix to my collapsable rear baskets. on the sheetmetal, I'll put some stickers that read "140 MPG" and mabye one that says "I'm green, are you?"
I spoke with some people at my church who are now facinated with motoredbikes. It took some convincing, but they allowed me this sign space for 7 days!! What do you think? :D


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