What do you think about Training Wheels for winter ice driving?

In Maine at the ice racing we drilled out the tire 1/4" nuts and bolts some times chanel like a cleat... Chains were banned before my time... A thick liner or another tire ... Starting fluid to seat the bead then screw the bead down no air pressure... Never heard of the metal band... We put Subaru (81) 13"rims and tires with bolts 3/4" long with a liner and tube on the 80's Honda 3-4 wheelers same 4 bolt pattern on the rear would keep up with the 340 440 sleds then....lot of fun lot of Budweiser trucks going through... Sometimes a snowmobile would run right through an ice fishing shanty...
You have to adhere the band or it will cut the tire. It also makes a great anti puncture. If you make it wrong, you will feel the buzz and thump, so if you use it, make sure you don't over lap to much. Works great on bikes. On the metal insert, the gorilla tape to seal the edges and tape it up, then use an old inner tube cut and glue it over it, an add the tire, or just add the tire with no bead, or don't if you have it sealed good enough.
When we were just kids in the early 60s, back in New England, we would just hook onto the bumper of a passing car, (That's when cars had real bumpers you could grab), and bob around down the road till we got to where we wanted to go..."Hook-Eee-Bobbin...lol......Wheeeeee...lol...DAMIEN

Ps...Don't do this at home boys and girls, not only is it illegal but also just a little dangerous...lol.
The hood off a late 60's -70 Chevy truck with rope behind a snowmobile was the greatest thing... Fall off it get run over by the one behind it... The guy driving the sled would go a mile with nobody on it then come find us...
75 mph is the top prize in my group for door sking, I hold it. Loved being a teen. Was down ave b in the middle of the night, we were flying in a snow storm. My buddy and I knew the potholes, so he would dodge them for me. When he screamed 75, I about pooped myself. I hung on for a few more second then climbed back in. 110 mph for being stuck on the hood of my crazy gf's car. She finally slowed down to what she said was 35 mph, and I bailed. I swear it was faster. I was just sitting on the hood and she took off with me on the car all mad. IDK wtf I even did. lol. If you wanna know, I dated her for another 3 years, and it wasn't because she was friendly. lol