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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by WhiteSkyRising, Oct 29, 2009.

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    I've heard some good things about I emailed some questions (1. How easy is the engine to steal off the bike? A: Just as hard as stealing the actual bike. 2.Can you ride it in the rain? A: Rain isn't an issue with 4 strokes,chain, or friction drives.) and got some answers. I live in Sacramento so I don't need a powerhouse to be going up and down hills, just something to get me to here and there enjoyably and to the next city 19 miles away. So without further ado, how does $500 sound for the following:

    Pre-owned Cruz Hybrid
    Brand New TITAN XC-50 w/ Modified Friction Setup (2yr Warranty)
    Top speed ~ 35mph
    ~120 mpg

    Actual link:

    I'm like a blind man when it comes to these things, as I just learned what a sprocket was yesterday.

    Thank ye!

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    I'll just make mention of one thing that you'd be wise to be forewarned on:
    Rain and wet road surfaces are a big issue with friction drives. They slip.
    Far less an issue with chain or belt drive.