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  1. I bought the new busch & Muller Dymotec for my recumbent a couple of years ago. I installed it and found out real quick that it had to much resistance for my liking so off it came and put on the bike parts shelf. I decided to stay with my 6 volt SON hub dynamo[ on the human owered recumbent] which has very little drag. I just recently decided to mount the 12 volt dymotec on my GEBE powered MTB. The Dynamo can be seen or purchased from http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/dymotec.asp . I bought my SON hub dyno from Peter White . The 12 volt Dymotec has a 12v 5 watt halogen bulb. I just got through monting the 12volt and went for a short night ride. I'm very impressed with the output. According to Peter White the 12 volt and the 6 volt are very durable and do not blow out bulbs like the cheaper bottles of yesteryear. For motorerd bikers in Europe
    WWW.SJSCYCLES.com has the dymotec. This is the co that I got my 12volt system from. No one in the usa had the 12volt when I got mine:cool:

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    Nice, any idea if it's AC or DC output? I'm looking for a dc one to charge batteries with. Nice little dynamo though, looks much better than the older ones.
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    Current is DC. The Dymotec 6 volt is used to charge up some lights that Peter White sells