150cc "large scooter" help in georiga!!!

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  1. wolfgang123

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    ok guys so i have a 2004 crf150f dirtbike that i have legalized in georgia...but i need to know what i should do about tag/insurance. i want to regester it under a scooter not a motorcycle that way i dont have to get a special license. i was just wondering what i need to do in georgia to get a tag? and insurance i already have insurance on my truck, do i need more?

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Not being familiar with your state automotive code, I cannot answer definitively. I'd bet you will be required to register it as a motorcycle, due to engine size, and I'd bet you are required to have a motorcycle operators license, and a separate insurance policy.
  3. jmr3394

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    Georgia law

    I live in Georgia and anything above 50cc you must have a MOTORCYCLE license for. Even if it is an automatic transmission moped. You also have to have a tag and liability insurance
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    Here it would totally qualify as a Motorcycle. Its above 50cc. Thats the catch.