185mm avid disc doesn't fit

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    Hey Everybody I bought a 185mm avid disc and caliper for my occ chopper (it had a disc but no caliper) but the inside diameter of the new disc is too small and the bolt holes don't line up. Does anyone know if there is an adapter plate so i can bolt disc on? or...do I need a different disc? If so which discs fit?

    I might be wanting to swap trade or sell these brakes in oz soon

    Also got my Manic Mechanic OCC hub adapter in the post the other day. What a nice bit of gear! After lining up the 3 holes and drilling them had to file a little bit to get it sitting beautifully.

    pictures included

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    from memory most disks on bikes are 160mm an either 6 bolt or centrelock

    the 185 an 240 are for the top models that pros use not a occ .
    if u want a disk that fits then try cellbikes.com.au

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    Thanks very much for that information. I should have asked about it sooner seen em cheap on ebay thought they might fit
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    They make rotor adapters. This is how they use the same caliper on different size rotors instead of having to man complete different calipers.
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    can't get the adapters i'm after so anyone want to buy 185mm disc and caliper cheap let me know