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    Just finished up another tribute build. This time, rather than branding it with a manufacture's name, I badged it with my last name. The serial number is my kids birth years. I made a porcelain style fender plate and used a brass thingymabob Ive had for years. The thingymabob has a porcelain inset with the Blake Family crest. I guess I will never be sellin' this one :)
    Anywho, I designed this build off a 1912 Iver Johnson (obviously). I just changed all the things I didn't like about the original; balanced the tank, made the frame symmetrical, simplified many aspects and corrected the bars/height.
    I spent a million hours tweeking things while Taylar Mortorbikes (Dan) did the hard work. Dan spent 100 hours on the tank alone! Choke, brake and throttle cables run through the tank.
    07092016 Bringin her home.jpg This baby looks old but has many modern conveniences; New motor w 5 speed jockey shift/clutch, electric start, hidden shaft disc brake with front drum brake. Beefy modern cables, electronics hidden within "oiler" and routed through acetylene hose.
    She rides like a caddy and has great power. Only had her to 50 but that was mid 3rd gear! Too scared to go 90 this early :)
    Seat pictured is off my sons board track racer. I have a seat supposedly coming from Heathers Leathers. Its been 2 months and its not back yet...

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    Looks slick! I've modeled my bike to look sorta like yours but my budget wasn't even in the same ballpark so of coarse it's not as good;):p

    My fav part is the Firestone tires:)
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    Thank you.
    The budget is always the killer!

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    If I could have infinite $$$$ I could build a MONSTER of a custom bike.... But then again, why would I build my own if I had that much money?:p