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    Hey gang. I have been lurking here for a little while now. I started my project around Halloween time last year. Just an hour here, an hour there when I have had spare time in between my real jobs. Anyway, now that it is becoming something that I can actually start to ride, I figure I would introduce myself. San Diego is such a beautiful city with great weather, I am sure there has got to be others that cruise around this fine city on a regular basis. Let's meet up, etc. There are still many details to work out on the bike, but, I will sort all of those out while I am breaking the motor in.

    I won't bore you with long paragraphs detailing how or why I did things, rather a list to give you and idea of the time and effort I put into this project. I dubbed this project "incision", since the first thing people say when they see it is, man I sure hope you don't crash, you're gonna F yourself up with all of them spikes you got on there, lol.

    *vintage schwinn frame
    *H2 two stroke motor
    *welded on brackets for modern V brakes
    *welded in modern bottom bracket so I could utilize a SBP shift kit
    *billet aluminum chain guards for the SBP kit
    *custom bracket and cable noodle that bolts onto SBP mounting frame. Clutch cable lines up with arm.
    *almost all bolts swapped out for stainless socket head hardware
    *machined spike end caps for all bolts, valve stems, handlebar ends
    *exhaust cut and bent to flow with frame
    *front suspension fork
    *internal tabs welded on fork to limit steering to 50 degrees in each direction
    *steering lock to prevent steering
    *handcuff style lock for rear
    *hitch pin style lock for front wheel
    *custom 3000+ lumen quad P7 headlight system off of my road bike
    *rubber and billet aluminum grips, billet paddle made for left side grip shifter
    *custom phone/gps mount
    *custom control boxes. Right side - kill toggle switch, starter pushbutton, ignition key. Left side - turn signals and horn
    *12 volt 130db diaphragm horn
    *most all visible cables run through frame
    *custom air filter
    *steel braid fuel line with mini glass filter
    *diamond/wedge style mirrors (made 1.5" inch extenders as well)
    *modified double kickstand (extended width of legs for even more stability)
    *electric starter (took up most of my time with R&D. Took three prototypes to get it right)

    Things that still need to be done...
    *teardrop/coffin style tank, just shy of two gallons, with locking aviation style cap (75% done)
    *charging system
    *rear compartment to hold battery and tools, etc
    *brake switch
    *rear lighting and turn signals
    *comfortable seating option
    *mini fairings to cover front sides
    *engraving emblems
    *boost bottle? (hidden up under gas tank)
    *make as quiet as possible (not worried about this until after broken in)
    *maybe an airbox, if the intake is too loud
    *centrifugal clutch? (I'll decide while breaking in the motor)

    I know there are quite a few things that I forgot to mention but will touch base on those later. Anyway, great forum you all have going here. Hope to meet up with local cruisers sometime soon...

    ~ evil ~

    by the way, to the few that had asked me outside of the forum if I am the same person from yes
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  2. GearNut

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    Welcome to the forum! It sounds like a killer bike! (No pun intended)
    Do you have any pics of it yet?
  3. StoreKeeper

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    Welcome !!

    Rx Bruce
  4. evil510

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    Thank you GearNut. No complete bicycle pics. Just pics here and there I took along the way. Everything is mocked up and spotwelded at this time. I have to dismantle the entire bike so I can go back and do the final welding etc. and will try and take pics along the way.....

    Thank you Bruce. I see that you are not too far away from me. I plan on doing some of my break-in miles around fiesta island.....
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Welcome, sounds like one helluva build! :devilish:

    Looking forward to seeing any pics that you have.
    H2 two stroke motor?
    The electric start sounds interesting.

    There are local rides in San Diego all the time.

    Come on out to the track in Apple Valley on Sat June 2nd if you
    want to see state of the art bike builds.
  6. evil510

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    Thank you for the welcome MotorBicycleRacing.....

    Yes, an H2 two stroke. I originally tried the pullstart but it simply wasn't for me. I didn't like how much I would have had to widen my cranks, so I set out to create an electric start for it (only sticks out 1/4" of an inch). I am far from lazy, however, it is quite nice to be able to just push a button to crank it over.....

    Sadly, unless my schedule changes, I won't be able to make it out to the track. I started building this bike with maximum gas mileage in mind because my race cars get horrid gas mileage. I told myself I wanted to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of this little motor and not modify it for speed if it would sacrifice mileage. I am thinking if I go to the track and see everyone's modified bikes, I will catch the bug and want to modify it for speed as well, which wasn't the plan. If I end up going that route later down the line, I will just blame all of you for brainwashing me lol... I am just kidding

    ~ evil ~