1st build problems help!

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by rylekyans, Jun 3, 2009.

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    so I'm in the process of putting together a huffy cranbrook with an 80cc ebay kit. I have little engine knowledge, I barely have any tools because I'm poor and in college, and I have a lot of time to tinker. So Ive run into a few problems I need help on

    1. My coaster brake arm doesn't clear the sprocket bolts. Should I toss it and buy a cheap brake? If so, can I just take the arm off, or do I have to change the hub?

    2. one of the three pieces of metal used on the inside of the back wheel for the sprocket overlaps at one part. Will that throw off my alignment? if so, how do i make it flush?

    3.My chain is too long by a few links, do I have to buy a motorcycle chain breaker or will a regular one do the trick? I dont have the accessibility of a grinder

    Im itching to get this out on the road, so the faster I can fix these things the bettter

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    Normal chain breaker just fits, depending on make. You can widen the gap in chain breaker with file or dremel in some cases.
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    witch way do you have the bolts on my cranbrook i have nuts and lock washers on inside the wheel one rubber inside one outside no problems with clearence i split my chain with a hammer and srewdriver find were you want to brake the chain set on concreat hold with your foot and knock off one side of link dont know what to say about the over laping good luck having a great time with mine ps rear fender broke front is not far away also had to remove dust cover coaster brake side not a great idea but fit great ive heard you can grind the dust cover down and will work
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    ya Ive got my bolts and rubber set up just like yours, maybe its not clearing the coaster brake because of my metal piece on the inside of my spokes overlapping? Would this be the problem?
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    You need to find acess to a few tools! The coaster brake arm can be bent outward for a little more clearance and the bolt heads can be ground down just a tad.
    For the overlap, snug the bolts down and use a small screwdriver to pry the top plate over untill it drops into place.
    Do you have a file? just file the two "nubs" off one link and pry apart with a screwdriver.