2 cylinder build now twice the fun

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by james65, Mar 22, 2014.

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    I have modified my winter build to carry a passanger. 4 bolts to mount or remove it. The passanger handle bars fold down when not in use. I still have to add foot pegs.

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  2. FurryOnTheInside

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    Looks great. Needs some ankle protection too of course. And be carefulllll (I'm sure you will be) I still remember when I was little and my dad put me in a child seat, then got off the bike to wheel it up a kerb... bike looped out and dropped me onto the back of my head in the road. D:

    I'm going to say something totally off topic now but can you tell me about your levers please? :)
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  3. battery

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    sweet ride! your passenger could benefit from a set of pegs.
  4. james65

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    Yes, safety is a high priority and I have given the peg/safety a good amount of thought. However I am going to a bicycle show in the AM and didn't have time to implement the pegs & guards. They will be built incorperated with the passanger assembly for easy removal.
    The brake levers are original, the throttle is a modified Royal enfield brass compression release lever(ebay $17).
    Thank you for the input, just waiting for better weather.
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    Obviously you are a MB outlaw; being from NY. What part of NY are You from? i sometimes vacation in the adorondacs and always worry about being stopped on my MB in NY.
  6. battery

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    I am and I am far from legal. I am riding throughout the northern westchester putnam area and beyond just north of nyc. You will be fine riding northern ny as long as you have a helmet, headlight, tail flasher and a mirror. And don't look like your having too much fun if a cop sees you.
  7. Fabian

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    @ james65

    That looks so perfectly made and a completely professional build.

    You should start a company offering bespoke kits as well as complete bikes with taylor made; personal accents for those who wish to purchase such a fine looking motorized bicycle. The twin cylinder engine looks beautiful, not to mention being a smooth running design.
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  8. Fabian

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    I would like a version in "Flying Merkel" colours:




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  9. james65

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    My wife isn't a MB fan; but every time she see's a picture of a merkel she says "Oooh I like that one, why don't you build one "?
    First thing is that I have too many MB's now. I know that I should get rid of a few but Can't make up my mind which ones to dump! then before I know it I'm back in the cellar bending tubing and welding again. Perhaps I'll get lucky and someone will break into my bike storage shed and steal them and I'll be able to justify building some more! LOL
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  10. james65

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    Thanks for your advice. It all sounds good accept the "don't look like your having too much fun", I think the ear to ear grin will give me away!
  11. Fabian

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    and modern interpretations of the "Flying Merkel"



  12. Fabian

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    Now imagine how good a twin cylinder version would look, with the engineering and assembly professionalism of james65 but with the older style tubular-horizontal fuel tank and larger style white tyres and springer front end - oh heck, might as well go for the old style oil lamp headlight and the whole period details :drool5:

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