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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Rob_E_Rob, Jan 31, 2010.

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    I just finished my install of a HT ThatsDax 70cc. I am addicted to this thing! So much Fun to ride! I have 2 questions for the experts here; What is the little push button on the carb for? Is it some sort of primer?
    Have any of you ever tried those solid subber inner tubes that Wal-hole sells? Are they any good?
    OK just one more question
    There is a kit on E-Bay that adds on to the existing magneto for lights. The entire kit sells for around 130 I think. has anyone ever tried it?

    Thanks for your time folks!!


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    I can answer question number one. Yes that little push button on the carb is a primer, to suck the gas into the carb before you start your bike.

    I have never tried the solid rubber inner tubes, I hear they are no good, develop flat spots and are heavy. I would caution against them but again, I have never tried them.

    I have seen the e-bay kit, I am interested in this product as well. It will not replace a battery but it may increase the the charging capability. If you do end up getting one, post a review.

    Post some pics of your first build, be proud and show off that ride.
  3. 1. yes its a primer button.
    2. i heard that the solid rubber tubes make it feel like tires that are low on air
    3. you can connect 6v lights already to the stock engine and stock magneto, but i use a rechargable drill battery to power my 12v lights.
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    never tried the solid rubber inner tubes

    probably best not to
    think that it was the rider from way up north gave them a try
    along with many others
    at first they seemed to like them
    only to return to standard tube later

    Caution -- at least one rolled off rim

    I hate that when I am riding that MB THING !!!
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    It is your rear tire that matters most, fixing a flat on the road is a pain.

    The more I ride on the Serfas tire, with punctureproof tube inside, the better I like it.


    I'm doing an install for my bike shop guy, he handed me two Serfas for his front and back. Since first ordering them last April, he says he's sold nearly 30 without incident.

    And because of the 4 layers, there is no need for a tire liner.

    edit: found a "solid tube = no air" thread (& I think LargeFilipino had another thread??? way back when)

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    I ride on a skinier tire than most care to (1.5"), but what I'm using now are the Specialized Armadillo Nimbus tires. These are GREAT. Here's a video clip showing just how puncture resistant these tires are:


    On top of that, I've installed "spin skins" tire liners inside both tires.
    Here's what they are: http://www.spinskins.com

    I have not had a single flat since doing these things, and don't expect to. I have DEFINITELY run over road debris that would have flatted other tires.....much of my commuting route is on a heavily traveled highway shoulder that gets a LOT of debris on it, some of which is unavoidable.

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    the button on the carb is a primer or a "tickler".
    when you push it down, it pushes the float down inside the float bowl. This opens the needle & seat and allows gas to flow. basically it floods the carb, and the excess fuel makes it's way into the cylinder. this type of primer button was used on old triumph carbs. back in the 60's. sometimes fuel will come out of the op of the button when you push it...that's normal.