2 stroke topping out early


Local time
5:25 PM
Sep 11, 2023
Houston, TX
Hey guys I have the 66/80cc bikeberry engine with stock carb and expansion chamber. I’ve noticed that the engine seems to max out speed when I’m only at about 3/4 throttle and it will go about 25mph. Is this because I need to adjust the carb or is there another issue that I’m looking over. Any advice will help I’m still new in this hobby and I really respect all the feedback I get from you guys!
I loosened the carb up and reseated it and that seemed to do the trick as far as the overrevving. As far as the throttle goes, I think once I get to 3/4 throttle at about 26 mph that’s the best that the engine can do on a 44 and with my big 240 pound butt😂might change to a 40 tooth because I don’t want to sacrifice too much torque
If you open the throttle and look into the bore of the carb, does the slide clear the throat?