250cc occ chopper bike

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    Hey guys and gals, heres a little project i whipped up years ago in a few days. I got it mocked up and driveable and lost interest and forgot about it. Rode it around quite a bit.

    Its a 250cc twin cylinder engine with 5 gears, bike was an occ pedal bike, i modified the frame to house the engine.

    Took it up to over 50mph and I think i saw my life flash in front of me and let out... god knows how fast it could actually go lol.

    I need to start getting rid of alot of unfinished projects so here before long i will finish this bike (which is part of the reason i made this post)

    I am going to build front brakes for it (something with that much power and two pads in rear is just rediculous)

    Strip it down and paint everything... add some real from pegs, not that temp foot bar
    going to put a bigger tank on.

    thats about it.. Then sell.

    12980_10153086693785363_1452925636_n.jpg 1002180_10153109528395363_1103883815_n.jpg 1002890_10153086695115363_555053694_n.jpg

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    Wild ride! Need a big set of rocks to open that thing up!
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    An OCC Chopper with the heart of a Honda Rebel. I like it.
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    that gas tank can't last long with that engine. a rebel gets what, 70 miles per gallon?
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    if that.... idk how long it lasts, we hot rod it around on sunday fundays, almost wide open most the time. Suprised we havent hurt ourselves worse that we already have :D