2nd build. do you think this bike will be and easy install?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by tskrem, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Either bike should do well. My second motor install went much quicker. I also started with a mountain bike build and used a cruiser for my second.
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    did urs have a back break? if not how'd u put one on? if you did.
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    tskrem - Most cruiser bikes come with a rear coaster brake. I removed my coaster wheel and replaced mine with one that freewheeled (my kids couldn't get the hang of the coaster brake).
    I added a BMX caliper brake on the chain stays. I got the idea from another member. My bike frame had a crossmember there and I just drilled through it. I used a strip of steel across the bottom of the chain stays for reinforcement.
    You can also use the top plate of an old kick stand for your reinforcing piece. It was a tight fit, but so far, so good.
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    in syd most bike builders use the dunlop blackhawk from big w

    if u measure from the centre of cranks to top of seat tube it should be no smaller than 18 inchs to fit a china gal ....
    from memory most of big w cruisers will fit the rse ..
    i have a rse shaft bike ... blown the shaft an rear wheel on a rock .
    so i have a esperia eagle but the down an top tubes are non stanard so i need a 50 mm front fittin an i,ll prob jb weld the tank to top tube ..
    as for a rear brake ur better off tryiin to get a bike with vee brakes ..

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    my mate has his rse mounted on a dunlop blackhawk but he said he had some issuse as it was a tight fit. anyway i went to big w yesterday and didnt like the frame on the harrier. ill just keep looking :D thanks for ur help.
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    to use the rear coaster brakes stock after you take the arm of it . you better be going real slow or it will launch you in the air when you push backwards. to stop a cruiser was my first build and so far my only build . you will probally need the wider crank as my motor was way to fat or my crank way to skinny. anyway the brakes need to be the center pull style and hook in the hole above the tire up torward the seat post . rite now i clutch and drag my feet and slowly pedal backwards to engage them . dont do it fast trust me u ever seen a 216 lb man go flying with out a airplane and get road rash i got scars to prove it ? ha ha ha ha didnt feel good...............
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