32 Tooth High Speed Sprockets - What's the right gear ratio?



I made a 39 tooth out of one of the 44's. I took a motorcycle sprocket and placed it on top and used it for a pattern. I ran a drill in each pocket and then carved the outer circle with a band saw and trimmed with an angle grinder. It is the perfect size for everything. My engine is ported and has a 16 mm carb and my custom pipe, it will pull off a stop light by it self easy. OH I advanced the ignition also. I am trying to figure out a way to make a simple two speed, like a different sprocket on each side and a jack shaft. I would like to have the high gear a one way coaster gear. I just ported one of Dax 65cc kits. This engine had a good exhaust port, although I could not leave it alone, I raised it about .050 of an inch. But I lowered the intake about 1 tenth and widened it about the same, now the piston uncovers it a lot sooner. I also did my job on the transfer ports at the entrance I cut about 1/4 of the bottom away and thinned them out. It ran good before but now it rips, I see no difference between the 65cc and 80 now for power, the 65 piston is slightly smaller, and it uses a smaller bolt pattern, so the cylinder from the other engine will not fit. Now I need another sprocket. Have fun, Dave


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