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36V 500W Gearless Rear Hub ebike - 500wH, 20-30mi, $150-300


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Nov 16, 2015
Well, I think my 36V 500W hub motor finally found a home for a friend rather than sitting in the garage rusting. I just went on a 10mi run and it felt good. I actually kinda prefer it to my 72V Cyclone hybrid because it is so narrow that I can actually pedal. It looks a lot nicer too. So, I am giving the motor away that is why its $150 with batteries but if you were to buy motor it be closer to $280-300. Here is the parts list; I got lucky on many things.

- $15 craiglist duo suspension 26" bike (used rear wheel for my Cyclone)
- $120 for 36V 16aH of scooter batteries (@ $28 each; this is lowest I've seen)
- $5 worth of wood, screws, and hose clamps
- $15 on tire liners and slime and reg tube (need tire liners absolute or good tire)
- $0 for motor (retail its $100-130; get the $130 with variable PAS and LCD display)

Seriously, I enjoy this more than my Cyclone that is like 4X the power. I actually like the stealth and ability to go off road and pedal.

Ride video
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