4 stroke output/light powered from cdi ?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by andrewflores17, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. honda ghx50
    this may sound dumb but i was makeing my own killswitch useing and old light switch got that to work but thought hey this gives me and idea i put a peice
    wire on the cdi to the side of a light and then put the base to the frame of my bike before it killed the engine the bulb did light up gona hunt around for a smaller bulb and see if that works then i could power one of lil lights that are meant to run of the whell has anyone else done this heres some questions

    1. whats the power output of the four stroke
    2.should i ground to engine or the frame 6 volts or 12volts

    forgot to add it was a old truck light bulb

    just tested a litle 14v 3.4w light from the truck (spare) useing the cable i conected off of the cdi lit up fine so think i can power one of the liltle genertor light kits still hopeing to find out the power output im looking at here

    will add as i figure it out
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  2. led bulbs

    http://www.highspeedmotors.com/Webled.html has some realy cool looking little led light bulbs about the size of flashlight bulb they have 6v which is what i imagine the engine puts out hopeing someone can get the info on that and they look like they can put out some nice lumens :cool2:
  3. skyl4rk

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    Try a 12V LED light, I have a red taillight on my Titan, it is always on when the motor is running. I have not tried a brighter white light for a headlight, I am not sure what the limit is for how many LED lights the motor can handle.