60's Ground Hugger

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  1. Will Snow

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    2010 092.jpg

    2010 094 44.jpg

    It takes a little getting used to.

  2. retromike3

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    groovy man! the next question is with this type of seating position how much more aerodynamic is it really? I used to a recumbent B.I.T.D. but mine had under the seat steering and it was set up with a almost laid back seating position. It was really fast on the flats or down hill but could not clime worth a darn.

    I guess with a motor assist you don't need to worry to much. I also had a 20 inch sew up in the front and a 48 spoke tandem wheel in the back. I never flatted the front wheel ether..

  3. ibdennyak

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    Interesting!! What size chainring is up front?
  4. wheelbender6

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    The butterfly steering wheel is off the hook! If Dan Garlits had a motorized bike, I think it would look just like yours.
  5. Will Snow

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    I have to admit, it does not handle that well and is a very heavy steel bike and would be terrible on hills. As Mike pointed out, " With motor assist, you don't have to worry as much. Mike is right, I put a pretty strong motor on it and with The Golden Eagle kit the gearing can be changed for hills or highway within a couple minutes

    Mike, I have a Tour Easy recumbent that handles far better than this Ground Hugger but the GH is still wild and fun to ride. Thank you for the comments.

    What size changing is up front? Not sure I know how how to answer that correctly. I have not counted the number of teeth on the front sprocket if that would answer your question. I would give you the count now but the bike is in a machine shop having the steering universal joint redone.

    Butterfly steering, that is different isn't it. Let me tell you, when riding it the steering is REAL! different. When I first rode it without the motor I took a pretty good tumble. Lucky for me the rider sits close to the ground. As you might know, there were a dozen or more people watching me when this happened, But, I bravely got up and marched back home and stayed under cover for awhile.
  6. ibdennyak

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    Good choice.....hard to convince people you intended to crash sometimes. :>)
  7. buzbikebklyn1

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    I LIKE IT! a little low for use in NYC
    (you would end up as a Taxi street pizza here)
    but its very cool.
    The dragster steering wheel, universal joint/steering and that BAD azzed tuck n roll black seat are the shiznat.
    May I HUMBLY suggest bigger or a front brake?
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  8. motorpsycho

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    ummmm that would be DON Garlits.
    If Don Garlits built a motorized bike, it wouldn't be anything like that bike.
    I think it would look more like this, but with a miniature blown hemi on it. (Even tho this is a bike version of Don "The Snake" Prudhomme's dragster without a motor)
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  9. wilbow63

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    like it, good job. it looks well built.
  10. Will Snow

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    Intended to crash?, at the time I did not even want to talk about it.

    Front brake: You are right. At this time the bike is in a machine shop having some work done, but I have all the parts for the brake, ready to install.
  11. MotoMagz

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    Great job Wiil....very cool !
  12. buzbikebklyn1

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    Duuuude.... now your talking my language..
    I grew up with great bikes like the Raleigh Chopper, Schwinn Orange Crate and the Ross Apollo.
    As a kid drooling over a brand new Red chopper id dreamed about slapping a chainsaw engine in one.
    I did finally save up the cash to buy that chopper but i never motorized it.
    Now I see they re issued the Chopper, some what modernized, but they screwed up that great seat...
    Heres the old one-
    And the new one-
    Look at all that room under the seat for a battery tray and a nice 1000 watt hub motor...
    I bet with a little searching i could find an old seat that i can get recovered....
    Still 11 years old at heart...