6v lights fed from white line? Headlamps, Turn-signals, brakelights?


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Apr 23, 2008
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This is a new thread specifically about powering lights with the 6volt white wire lead only. Read a lot of Light posts that ran the gamut, so trying to filter it down to one specific topic: powering all lights with the 6volt white wire lead only. I would like adding in a battery only when neccessary and rechargeable by the white wire, using only or mainly pre-fab parts, where to get prefab parts and creative solutions. Any advice that involves building your own circuit board does not belong in this thread-the key words are simple solutions.

I am already looking at gas powered scooter parts (they seem to have a rechargeable battery system with turn signals, headlight, horn and electric start prefabs) since laws in certain places (NYC) have made it neccessary for the manufacturers to create lighting systems.

Is a voltage multiplier neccessary to get adequate output for night riding? would it be useful for charging batteries? If so are ther any pre-manufactured models and where do I get them?

Are there any headlights that have been fabricated specifically for this aplication? If so, where can I purchase them?

What about tractor lights, motorcycle headlamps or scooter headlamps? Has anyone found a cheap, quick and easy jerry-rigged system? If so, what are the specific components and where do I purchase them?

What about turn signal options? My go-ped had built in turn signals-surely these low volt prefabs could apply to our motorkits? Go-ped manufactures must have these components available, maybe? Anything else out there designed to run in conjunction with a headlight?

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Has anyone tried charging a motorcyle battery with the white wire and running lights off that? Can the magneto coil properly charge a 6volt motorcycle battery?
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I am not a "Noob" and I do know how to use a search function, thanks you two.

If you just want to show how much longer you've been around and how much better at this you are, go pee on some one elses yard 'cause im tryin' to get some work done.
LOL..."F Off"....your really gonna get far with that attitide,infact i can see people tripping over themselves now all eager to help..............silly boy. :rolleyes:
HeeHee, I love your spunk. I guess your member name says it. Reason being there are thousands of post here that duplicate each other. As you will notice the longer your here is that tons of people hate to read and do a little leg work. Im not saying your one of them. So saying that....
There has been a lot of people trying to get that white wire to do the trick, but it just dosent crank out enough juice from these cheap magnetos. If there is anything that has changed I hope you can find some answers because that person will be a hero. I think the white wire only puts out 1-3v, even though they say 6.
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More Power Needed

Thanks gracho,

That is useful info- I had read that elsewhere, but is this a good guess or did some one use a voltage tester?

What about switching out the stock magneto for something more useful? Anyone tried that? would a small motorcycle alternator work on these engines in place of the Magneto Coil?

The New Question is-> Can you get more power off your engine then the stock Coil provides? Voltage multipliers, better coils, alternators might do this. I noticed a lot of people look towards bicycle lighting solutions for their ride-I think we should be looking more closely at Go-peds, mopeds, scooters and small motorcycles for solutions that are self powered.

I plan on experimenting and reasearching these questions and will report back alll my failures and successes here.
I keep reading that you can't run lights off of the white wire. I have a headlight and tail light that run off of the white wire. I have to have the headlight turned off to start the engine, but once it's running the light works very well. I have no battery. I don't want to mess with a battery. But in theory I would think it would charge the AA rechargeables.